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How to make more MOBA players migrate to HotS

Content of the article: "How to make more MOBA players migrate to HotS"

Im a lol and dota veteran and I recently tried HotS for some fresh experience and I have to say, there is a lots of hidden potential there that could really make the game a big title.

The strongest point of this game imo are its characters. Extermely unique, after playing some HotS I feel like very lol character is copy-pasted, also the characters in HotS are balanced and that makes the game healthy unlike dota where you get oneshoted with a fucking pointclick.

So now when we know what makes the game a good game, time for thing that makes people not play it.

I think its mostly maps and game modes. Sorry hardcore htos players but as a MOBA player I'm sick of having to collect some bullshit throughout the game, in every mode all fuckign time.

I want to have a laning phase, mid game and some lategame. I don't care about collecting some seeds – it's boring and I dont like it, so do other players and so they chose to play other moba games rather than hots although hots has better characters and the talent system is great.

So knowing that how to fix it? Imo its time to add a new map and new mode that would be like Summoners Rift BUT with hots characters and talents. That would make migration from lol and dota players (that are sick of their beloved games being fucked up) easy as they would already know what to do, but this time they would have to play new cool, fresh characters like Malthael or Genji.

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Imagine Malthael in Summoners Rift jungle, or genji on mid or hanzo on adc or muradin on top. That's a true perfection.

I also included a picture.


Top could be inspired by warcraft, mid by starcraft and bot by diablo.

Also make getting your character easier. I'm sick of grinding money for ages with characters I dont like just to play my character. And make less starcraft characters, they are boring and soulless and half of roster is wow characters, If I would be you I would focus on Diablo and Overwatch characters as they are the most fun to play.

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