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How would you go about a Probius rework?

Content of the article: "How would you go about a Probius rework?"

There's several issues with the bravest of Probes right now.

  1. He's far too reliant on perfect execution and perfect game knowledge to get good results. If a Probius player makes one mistake, his whole plan falls apart.

  2. He doesn't fit a lot of metas and has to have a team built around him, which doesn't help. Most players also don't know how to work well with a Probius teammate.

  3. His talents are arguably out-of-date. Some of them are highly underwhelming while others have a barely tangible effect at times.

  4. His downtimes are extremely long and his cooldowns are such that he cannot set up on short notice. This may be intentional, but it feels too punitive at times.

  5. Too much of his power is allocated to his W+Q combo. This siphons too much of his power budget, requiring the rest of his kit to be weaker to avoid making him OP.

  6. Probius' Mana paradigm is flawed. The amount of Mana he generates from Pylons is too strong, requiring all his costs to be crazy high.

There are a few things I can think of to help upgrade him.

  1. Give him more control over how he can place Pylons. For instance, give him the ability to self-destruct a Pylon while refunding some of its cooldown (akin to Gazlowe's turrets). Also give Probius a high-tier talent (i.e. 16 or 20) that gives him an additional Pylon on a separate cooldown that he can use in emergencies.

  2. Give more talents that relate to Photon Cannons, allowing him to take a good alternative to his W+Q combo. While the existing talents are already acceptable, he doesn't get anything for Photon Cannons after level 7.

  3. Improve Probius' ultimates. Pylon Overcharge is extremely fragile, easily broken by enemies destroying the Pylons, and you can't control who it targets. Null Gate is highly situational and usually not considered a good pick because it's easily thwarted or avoided.

  4. Reduce Probius' reliance on Pylons for his Mana. Presently, because the Pylons give him so much Mana regeneration, he's forced to have ridiculously high Mana costs. This should be significantly toned down (lower costs, much lower Mana generation from Pylons) and Probius should be able to regenerate Mana even without Pylon power.

  5. Update his talent tiers to be more in line with recent updates to other heroes.

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If you've got anything else to suggest, go right ahead. I'm just saying that our Curious Probe could use a little love.

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