Heroes of the Storm

I feel like I needed to say this

I’m not sure what compelled me to share this opinion but I felt it was necessary. I truly believe these developers that were left with heroes of the storm are doing such a phenomenal job and I personally appreciate them so much. They do not get the credit they deserve and I’d imagine they’ve stayed along for the ride mostly out of passion.

In the past few months we’ve seen a new hero, massive reworks to a ton of heroes in almost every class. Reworks to maps and mechanics of the overall gameplay. Most importantly, they take time out of their day to reply to the community and listen to what the community has to say. And we weren’t expecting anything new for the rest of the year!

What embarrasses me about the community is how little respect and appreciation people tend show to the developers because some people maybe didn’t get exactly what they wanted. I just want to urge everyone to be a little more appreciative of what the developers are trying to do for the game. It could very easily be gone next month and I love this game. Mei wasn’t my choice for a new hero by any means. I could care less about overwatch, HOWEVER, I’m overly excited about the addition to the nexus because what that shows me is that there is quite a bit effort that is still going into the development of the game. I wasn’t even expecting a new hero this year after the tassadar rework.

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We all didn’t even know if heroes of the storm was gonna survive another year or the merger with act so I would just urge people to be a little more patient, show a little more gratitude and just relax for a bit. The developers are still human and at the end of the day, it’s really their choice what happens to the game so let’s encourage an atmosphere where the development of the game moves in a positive direction. I want to see HGC make a come back one day and that heavily relies on our community to push it in that direction.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. I will see myself out now.

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