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I really wish we could blacklist maps in QM – Whining Rambling of a returning player

I was an alpha player that has been mostly playing dota for awhile. But I re-installed this game again and I consider it still extremely fun. It has a good niche with its character design and objective play.

But by far, two of the biggest issues to me are Blackheart's Bay and Warhead Junction. BhB isn't even a bad map in the first place, but for it to be a fun map it requires you to be drafting around its play-style.

QM doesn't give you that opportunity at all, and bad games of BhB are excessively long drags (even if you win) that honestly make me feel kinda drained and wanting to go play something else afterwards.

Certainly there's always character and playstyle preferences on any map, but it's not usually so bad imo because the objectives effectively force team-fighting. You still feel like you're playing the same game, and it's over with quickly.

I'm sure the ability to blacklist up to two maps is asked for all the time, and it probably would take engineering effort on blizzards part to implement it into MM. But imo, a big part of why this game struggled is due to usability faults like this.


these are old numbers but I don't believe it'd be an issue of people who love BhB not being able to find games either because the spread isnt horrible. The closest analog is world of warcraft where virtually every horde player blocked AV and IOC, but those maps were egregiously asymmetrical and didn't belong.

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