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“I’ll just hop on for a couple friendly games of Storm League!”

Content of the article: "“I’ll just hop on for a couple friendly games of Storm League!”"

I made an account because I've just gotten so frustrated with Storm League lately. First off, I know this is a team game. I know this game is 'great' with friends. I know Solo League and Team League have been tried before. I get it. I play solo exclusively though, and there has to be a better system than the current one we have in place.

I love this game. Played it since release blahblahblah. There are some things that make me so aggravated and it is beyond annoying they are allowed to exist in this state:

This magical fucking system called how many points am I going to get after the game. I don't care about my MMR or super secret rank that no one can see but I'm assured exist. I don't care that I am going against a premade. I don't care that I have a premade on my team. I just want to know why in the fuck I am getting -203 points for a loss against a stacked team, -198 points against an all solo team, +201 points after winning because the enemy team had an Artanis with 13 deaths. Just today I played against a premade back to back and got -200 points for a loss and +198 points for a win. What. In. The. Fuck. This is the most baffling thing in the game. If nothing was fixed except for me getting +/-200 points each game regardless of invisible ranking I would be happy.

If I am playing solo it is not fair to be matched against a premade of 3 or more. If I have a stacked 3 man with me, or even duo, wonderful; I can live with that. If you think playing against a 3+ man premade as solo is fair you are an idiot. Now, since according to this forum everyone and their mother (except me of course) plays as a premade, it shouldn't be hard to make sure a team of all solo q never goes up against a premade. Right guys? This is a team game so just make sure each team has a duo or three man stack so the little old solo q players like me don't get stuck with a wasted 20 minute game. I spent a solid 15 minutes trash talking with this Thrall tonight. We were against a premade on Dragon Shire and my man died like 10 times. I started calling him a bot and we had some solid 10/10 banter and I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. Why was I doing this? EASY! It was better than playing this custerfuck that was the video game. I would have willingly quit or forfeited the game because you can just tell. I've had comebacks before, but some games you just know. This was one of them.

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Stop fucking putting me against rainbow parties that have a plat 1, gold 2, and silver 1. I don't want it. In what world is it considered fair to have someone so much better than everyone else playing against my team? If you are the person arguing for this because 'I'M PLAYING WITH MY FRIENDS,' you are wrong. I shouldn't have to explain why it is not fun or conducive to a competitive environment.

The dude whose overall level 64 with an 82% winrate on Hanzo is a fucking smurf. His party member that is a level 76 with a 79% win rate on Abathur is also a fucking smurf. Why the fuck do I have to sit in a game with them and lose, usually some random number like -196 points. Figure out a way to stop the smurfs. I'm sure my "this mother fucker just killed my entire team while bstepping and not even using his medallion" cheating reports aren't working.

Alright. Am I tilted? Yea duh. Do I love this game? Fo sho. My points are still valid though and I'd love to hear arguments against them.

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