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I’m one of the biggest toxic scums ever, but the report system is simply awful

Content of the article: "I’m one of the biggest toxic scums ever, but the report system is simply awful"

First of all let me apology for my probably bad english, it's not my mother language but ill try anyway.

Yes, i've got anger issues. Big anger issues and in fact i'm working on it IRL, this is not an excuse to be toxic on a game. I'm a good player (master/grand master) and i can't stand having bad players in my team, and when they made mistakes, i flame them. I'm not proud of it, it's all the opposite, in the heat of the moment i vomit all my toxicity, but minutes/hours later i feel like trash knowing that the guy i insulted, is a real person, not a bot or just a nickname. Is real, and sometimes that guy will laugh at my flame and ignore me, but in other cases it can hurt. Thats why i'm working on it.

That being said, the system is just bad. I got 10 accounts (yep, thats the level of madness), most of those accounts are perma banned, others are silenced and others are fine. I love this game, is my favorite game and the only thing that made me run away from my shitty life, so, each time i get banned or i got all my account banned/silenced, i make a new one and start again. This is stupid. I mean, if you wanna ban me because i highly deserve it, is fine, but ban my IP. The other day i asked one Game Master if he could unban my main account (lvl 700, tons of paid skins, blizzcon mounts, etc…) and he said he couldn't "but you can do a fresh start with a new account". They encourage it, they encourage me to start again knowing how toxic i am, and thats even more toxic, because as i said, im master/grand master, and with this smurf accounts i only ruin games. I mean, i got a 95% win ratio after 50 games playing solo Storm League with Kharazim in my last account. I climbed from silver to diamond in a couple of days and thats not fair for the other players.

Whats the solution? Well, probably the best solution would be not be a dick like me, or quit the game. But i'm pretty aware that im not the only one in this situation, so, the best solution would be perma muted us. I don't quit games, i don't afk, i don't troll, im "just" (again, i hate myself for this) toxic in the chat. So, if they perma mute me and let me play storm league, the problem is solved. I can't flame if im muted.

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You know why they dont do this, right? Blizzard know many people will buy bundles and shit because of their addiction. It's not my case, but i know many people do. So, if they ban and force people to make a new account (and encourage it), they will get more benefits in a semi-dead game. And thats mean, mean as fuck.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and hope you understand what i meant. I don't wanna make this look like im trying to excuse my horrible behavior because is not the case.

TLDR; If you wanna ban people because they are scum like me, it¡s fine, we deserve it, but ban our IP's, otherwise you still have the same toxicity and 2000 smurfs ruining newcomers games. I mean, imagine a lvl 1 trying to learn the game. He will insta uninstall the game if he plays 3 games in a row agains a grand master. The simple solution is silence trash players forever, but let them play the ladder, that or the IP thing.

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