Heroes of the Storm

Intresting ideas for utls

For reworks or new releases

– A transformation ult that allows all basic attacks and autoattacks of the user to ignore armor and bypass shields. (Grommash possibly)

– An ultimate evolution like Abathur's but on one of the enemy players (Baal possibly)

– An air drop of multiple turrets. (Gazlowe rework possibly to replace robo-goblin)

– A mana pool created in an area on which all friendly heroes can use abilities with no mana cost (Maybe Malygos)

– A point and click position Swaping ult with a telling animation (Ithereal Maybe)

– A self destructing ult that deals massive damage in an area, but resurects the user (or reduces death timer) if it kills a player or a certain number of players. (Can't tell who it would fit)

– A point and click that makes both the user and a hostile target both enter forced stasis for 10 seconds. The user has the ability to cancel its effect for both the user and target early if so desired.

– A Massive aoe around the user that sticks to him like an aura for 4 seconds and makes everyone in it (allies and enemies) have -100% healing reduction including the user.

– An aoe that can be cast from range that makes enemies who enter the aoe have their vision radius reduced. Lasts for 8 seconds.

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– A shield barrier that lasts for 3 seconds and if destroyed, deals its original shield hit points value as damage around the user. (Similar to Imperius's angelic armaments, but with an effect if it gets destroyed)

– An ult that allows you to link yourself to an enemy player for 2 or 3 secs similar to Alex's Life binder animation, but it makes it so if the user dies during those seconds, the enemy player's life takes it places and the user is unscathed and the users health's becomes in % the same as his victim's at the moment of death.

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