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Is Deathwing finally balanced? Niche pick or safe pick?

Collective Nerfs, feel free to skip, I summarize it below.

3200HP -> 2920 -> 2850 -> 2750 (MASSIVE NERF, about 20%)

Basic AA 170->155 (9% nerf)

Health Regen 6.67 -> 6.08 -> 5.94 -> 5.73

Dragonflight damage 75-> 52

Molten Flame 192dps -> 168dps (12.5% nerf)

Incinerate 85 -> 80 -> 75 -> 70 (ouch, 18% nerf)

Lava Burst 16dps -> 20dps!

Onslaught 42+80bite -> 40+75bite -> 38+72bite (10% nerf)

Earth Shatter 80-> 90!

Cataclysm 48dps -> 44dps -> 40dps -> 36dps (25% nerf)

Draconic Might Healing from 40% -> 30% -> 25% (37.5% nerf)

Skyfall Healing from 5% -> 3% -> 2.5% -> 3%

Burn Beneath My Shadow 150%->100% -> 80% (about a 38% nerf)

Elementium Plating 35% -> 30%

Molten Blood healing 0.4% -> 0.5%!

Heat Wave 16dps -> 14dps -> 12dps (BIGGEST NERF, 25%)

Dragon's Ire 30% -> 25%

Firestorm Cooldown Reduction 12sec -> 25sec!!!

Firestorm Landing cooldown reduction -2seconds!

Skyfall Flight cooldown reduction 1.5sec -> 1sec -> 0sec (sadness)

To make sense of all these numbers, the Destroyer form got hit with about a 25% nerf, alongside about a 30% nerf on his ulti. On top of his hp nerf, this greatly reduced Deathwing's ability to just sit on the backline and made it much easier to burst him down. He still wont lose a 1v1 easily, but if he were to get focused by 2 damage dealers, he is definitely dead.

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When Deathwing was released, he honestly had just one optimal playstyle, which is to stay in Destroyer Form and kill everything with <>. Nowadays, you are gonna die if you stick around for too long or if the enemy team turns around to focus you.

The Molten Flame builds were also viable for a period of time because people were not familiar with the Hitbox. 12range + 3.5 width, thats much longer than Hammer's range and the animation at the tip of the flame is not really representative of its true range. But after awhile, Molten Flame's damage also took a huge hit, from being clearly the Highest damage dealing ability to kindaaa scary. Tanks have no problem just sitting in them.

But now, we have a sleeper build: The Firestorm. Since you can no longer harass the backline all day, Deathwing has a new hit-and-run play style, the build focusing around <>, <> and <>. Just before a teamfight, use Dragonflight, wait for the enemy to dive and slam in the middle of the chaos, guaranteeing at least one hit of Firestorm. Great sustain, great teamfight impact, great mobility. A really solid build for the current meta.

On the other hand, while Destroyer Form constantly got nerfed, World Breaker was hardly touched. It finally is a viable situational strategy, for example in the early teamfights where you can cut off enemy escapes by spamming CC at their gate. World Breaker became relevant just because Destroyer lost so much power. I personally feel this is a great thing and smart design choice.

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Weaknesses. Greymane, Malthael, Tychus, Malganis. Tass Walls and Leoric Entomb. Should there be anything done about how Deathwing interacts with Greymane or Malthael % damage? Or is it okay for these heroes to literally shit on him?

TL;DR Destroyer massive nerf, about 30%. Damage no longer as scary, not as tanky, about -20% hp. New hit-and-run build. World Breaker finally useful due to Destroyer nerfs. Still gets shit on by Greymane and Malthael.

Is Deathwing is in a good spot now? Should we change anything?

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