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Is there a need for more beginner’s content in this game?

Hey Community,

I'm a returning player to the game.

It's been a few years and I'm pretty much a complete newb again.

Some of my closest friends are still playing the game where they constantly ask me to play. I haven't had much time, but we do get together online about once per week.

But getting back into it has been a frustrating process.

I feel completely lost.

It's a fast-paced game. There are new characters, new maps, and I still have to think about every step. I don't know the skills, let alone the talents. I don't know where to go and when to rotate or go to objectives. Map awareness, cooldowns, positioning, skillshots, teamfights, and adjusting talents are a lot to keep in your brain.

I feel like a chicken running around with his head cut off.

It just isn't fun.

There's enough stress in our lives and adding more stress from a game that's supposed to be fun just doesn't make sense.

I posted about a beginner's guide for 2020 and did receive these helpful tips.

I've read the new player guide in this sub-reddit, SpherisCore's guide, and this guide on Metadragon.

I watch videos from NotParadox, MFPallytime, and anything else I find.

I watch numerous streams like FanHots and JHow. I tune into the Method Mayhem tournaments where it's been amazing to see them revive the e-sports scene.

I don't know who Zane is, but I'll be exploring these old guides.

I even found this now defunct Nexus Knowledge playlist from Blizzard.

But trying to consume the knowledge and executing on it are two different things. I manage to play a few games throughout the week and try to apply what I learn.

These are all fantastic resources and I've learned something from all of them. But I know learning and improving is not only my problem, it's a problem throughout the community. Everyday I hear about the players in all game modes and all Storm League divisions who still appear to not know what they are doing.

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What may seem like second nature to many of you now might be completely unknown to me (and others. eg) Soak the lane, but when do you come for the team fight or the objective? When do you go do camps? If enemy team picks X in draft, then why shouldn't we pick Z? Who do you focus in teamfights? When do you push for core vs going for the objective?

It's a ton of knowledge just to be minimally competent. I am not prepared.

That all said, the game remains fun for many.

It's been incredible to see the passion for this game.

I'm part of many active HotS Facebook groups and absolutely love watching videos from Hawkray, Carbot, and


The developers, designers, and everyone still involved in creating the game deserve all the love and respect in the world. Their passion shines through and I know what it can be like on the dev side when a pile of out-of-touch suits are telling you what to do. Shout out to them! I'm buying all the Nexomania skins.

Thank you to all of you still working on Heroes of the Storm!

There are no shortage of general problems in the game where I write them down as I go along. I get that HotS is much simpler than other MOBAs, but these problems exist nonetheless and are barriers to the game growing.

I have a list of 20+ problems and it includes lack of resources put forth by Blizzard, lack of ways to learn and gain feedback, no graduated progression system for beginners, constant AFKers, and toxicity in the player base among others.

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I have the experience of being a healthcare practitioner as well as being a technology entrepreneur, so I've seen my share of problems, dealing with them, and trying to create a good user experience.

Given the problems in the game which are going unaddressed, I was not surprised at all that the game wasn't generating enough revenue and eventually had resources withdrawn by Blizzard.

Pros have moved on, so have content creators.

The game is not dead, but it feels like a patient in the ICU on life support. Those who genuinely care for it, really care for it and will find it hard to let go. Recovery is always possible.

Because of not having enough content geared toward new and novice players, it leads to constant frustration and that frustration could eventually lead to toxicity of which we know is readily present. It's also a barrier to those trying the game and staying with game while being challenging for veteran players to recruit new players to the game.

Proposed Solution: I'm interested in creating educational content geared toward a beginner. I'll document my own journey and learning from the ground up. Hopefully I get better. The guides will be detailed and outline areas still not covered while being digestible to the audience. It'll be written articles, YouTube, Twitch, podcasting, and any other medium requested. Perhaps we can interview some coaches, pros, and other thought leaders in the space. I'll recruit anyone necessary and use the experience from medicine and business. I happen to have experience video editing, photo editing, and public speaking.

My goal would be to create something to the point where a new player could just read this or watch that and be a one-stop hub to learn everything needed. It's should, for the most part, pass the mom test.

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Thesis: With having more competence and knowledge, players will have a better experience. As more players have fun, more new and returning players will help grow the game. If I solve my own problem, perhaps there will be others who benefit too.

Or maybe things are fine and we don't need to do anything.

Questions to the community:

1) Are there any great learning resources that I'm missing?

2) What other awesome content creators are there out there?

3) Regarding beginner content, are there areas of the game that are going unaddressed?

If you've made it this far, you are a kind soul. I genuinely thank you for taking the time.

TL:DR – I'm bad at HotS. Learning is hard. Thank you to anyone still working on the game. More beginner content could lead to new players and more growth. Do we need more content created and curated for beginners?

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