Heroes of the Storm

It’s about time Valeera got changes! (Ideas)

Sort of a semi-rework or QoL change pass.

I feel like the main reason why people hate Valeera and why she continues to be purposefully undertuned is the amount of shutdown and hard CC she brings into the mix. The purpose of my changes is to tone down the frustrating parts about her while buffing the underused sides of the kit. Also her level 20 storm talents range from okay to downright atrocious / never picked and I'm sure even the most fervent Valeera haters can agree with that.

Base changes:

  • <> Damage increased from 130 to 155.

  • <> Can now Blind non-elite monsters. (The only blind ability in the game that doesn't blind minions or camps)

  • <> Silence duration reduced to 2s from 2.5s.

  • <> Damage increased from 130 to 155.


Level 7:

  • <> (W) – Quest

Live: Each time Blade Flurry hits an enemy, damage increases by 6. Max stacks 15 – max damage 90. At 15 stacks permanently reduce energy cost by 15.

Changed to: Quest component removed. Immediately grant the energy reduction and reduce Blade Flurry's cooldown by 0.75 per enemy Hero hit.

  • <> (E)

Live: Eviscerating an opponent with 3 combo points grants 150% attack speed for 3 attacks or 3 seconds.

Changed to: Eviscerating an opponent with 3 combo points grants 125% attack speed for 1.5 seconds.


Level 13:

  • <> (W)

Live: Increase the duration of Cheap Shot's blindness for 2.5s (4.5s total of blindness)

Changed to: Duration of Blindness decreased to be only 1.5 seconds longer (3.5s total of blindness)

  • <> (E)

Live: Garrote now also reduces enemy spell power by 40% for 6 seconds.

Changed to: Silence duration increased by 0.5 seconds.


Level 16:

  • <> – Removed.

  • Leeching Poison (new) – Grant 15% lifesteal to autoattacks and abilities for 5 seconds after triggering it. (Cooldown 15 seconds).


Level 20:

  • <> (R2)

Live: Whenever Valeera uses Vanish she also gains Cloak of Shadows.

Changed to: Merged with <> (Level 20 talent – grants 20% additional movespeed while stealthed)

  • <> (R1)

Live: Valeera regenerates 40 energy per second while inside of her <> (R1).

Changed to: Enemies inside Smoke Bomb also have their visibility severely reduced (think Dehaka's Isolation). Name of this talent would probably need a change – it shares the same name with a Raynor ability.

  • <> (E)

Live: Increase Garrote's DoT by 100% – autoattacks refresh the duration.

Changed to: Autoattacks reduce the cooldown of <> by 0.25 seconds.

  • Cold Blood (new) – Increase max combo points to 4. Eviscerating a target at 4 stacks does the level 3 baseline amount plus additional damage equal to 10% of the target's maximum health.

Thoughts? Personally I believe these ideas are neat and would bring variety to the otherwise dull Valeera builds (aka Sinister Strike spam).


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