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Just a frustrating wall of text from a desprate player

Content of the article: "Just a frustrating wall of text from a desprate player"

It's just frustrating. I don't feel like getting the joke after almost every round. With your shit inactivity you drive the game in front of the wall and even the last fans still step in front of the head. Why do I have to play against opponents who don't match my skill? Why do I get players who are worse in every game while they are completely overwhelmed by the opponent team? Would you like to troll your players? Why don't you do anything when daily players complain about it? Do you only want players on the servers who then all troll each other with their incompetence? It's not bad to play badly – but it's not a great experience for bad players to be flatrolled by good players and even for good players it's not a good match if no effort is necessary at all.

Nobody – or at least I don't – wants to win. Even lost games don't feel like a loss when both teams were equal. Who cares about the final result? But what I have been assigned in the last few months as a team partner or opponent is far away from a functioning system.

Why is there no give-up vote to start? Why am I forced to spend my time on people who don't appreciate my effort and time in game? Why does "playing hots" mean that in 3 out of 4 games I have to splurge my time on ignorant and learning-resistant feeders? Why do I have to decide almost every game on my own in a team game and not be carried through the match myself? Why can't a platinum muradin protect his backline from a Varian? Why didn't a Gold 1 Artanis soak and ignore pings? Why do players run into the just-launched Objective instead of waiting 5 seconds for their team and continue to feeden? Why do the ranks say almost nothing more about a player's suitability and skill? Why are you just watching and why are there people in the community who are still talking about it well?

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I don't want a solo game where my teammates are just a burden! There are enough idiots on the road from incompetent loads, and I do not need that in my spare time. Whether on Twitch, in ingame chat, in the forum, on Reddit, anywhere else – for more than a year players are dissatisfied and everything is consistently ignored. Blizzard is just the last juice shop and nothing I'll put a penny into – at least not if nothing changes


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