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Kael’Thas Rework Concept – The Oldest Hero to Receive Changes!

Content of the article: "Kael’Thas Rework Concept – The Oldest Hero to Receive Changes!"

Filter by Last Balance. Hasn't been touched for two years. Gazlowe and D.Va were right after him! Not receiving any changes for a long time is a major indicator that big ones are coming. Edit: D.Va's last update was +2 aa damage on 2018-12-19, and before that +3 aa damage on 2017-12-20. Essentially the same for three years! But they worked on big changes instead of tweaking her.

Statistically, Kael's below average on Master SL and pretty much the same on Bronze-Gold. Pretty consistent so I doubt his reputation as low-skill material stands. Unlike Azmodan who actually goes from good on low leagues to terrible on Masters. Moreover, Kael has some diversiry issues. Eight talents at or below 10% popularity, with four below 5%, five at 60-90%. Overall, not healthy.

I imagine that, like Jaina, Kael will get his favorite shield talent baseline, if via a quest. They may also de-emphasize his burst and add a defensive talent tier. Might even make Q stacking baseline.

Here I'm really weird to provide food for thought, so don't take the balance and some ideas too seriously! Considering two new mechanics, removing mana temporarily and pausing enemy cooldowns. Also playing with an interaction combining convection and putting emphasis on mana addiction, as you get stacks but can spend them for shields.

Anything look interesting? How would you change Kael?

Base Concept


  • Damage reduced from 345 to 200.
  • Added: Flamestrike's explosion creates a pool of fire that deals 150 damage over 1.5 seconds.
  • Reduces burst, adds zoning and complexity to an ability which, outside Verdant Spheres interaction, is the blandest aoe in the game. Big nerf, but more burst damage via the base quest!

Living Bomb

  • Explosion damage reduced from 215 to 200.
  • Radius increased by 5%.
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Mana Shield (1)

  • Activate to gain a shield equal to 50% of your maximum Mana. Costs 3 stacks of mana Addict. Lasts 3 seconds. 30 sec cd

Baseline Quest: Mana Addict – Can be far simpler, but again, food for thought!

  • Each Hero hit by Flamestrike and Gravity Lapse grants a stack of Mana Addict, up to 50. Each stack increases your maximum mana and Flamestrike’s explosion damage by 2. Lose 10 stacks on death.
  • Reward: After reaching 50 stacks for the first time, permanently gain its mana and damage bonuses and reduce maximum stacks to 15. Mana Shield's cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds and its Mana Addict cost is increased to 6. Bonus stacks still boost mana and damage up to 30 extra.

Talents Concept

Tier 1 – Sustained Addiction

  • Convection: 1 second after casting Flamestrike, gain a 100-point shield for 3 seconds. If a Hero is hit, increase the shield by 150% and gain an additional Mana Addict stack.
  • Fel Infusion: Heal for 80 when activating Verdant Spheres and increase Mana Shield's duration by 100%. While Mana Shield is active, gain twice as many Mana Addict stacks.
  • Prismatic Barrier: Mana Shield also shields you for 100% of your current mana. Gathering Regen Globes reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds and grants a stack of Mana Addict.

Tier 2 – Utility Lapse (Maybe switch with the next tier)

  • Fire Spinning: Hitting enemy Heroes with Flamestrike or Gravity Lapse removes slows from Kael’Thas and grants him 15% move speed for 3 seconds.
  • Energy Roil: Gravity Lapse pauses ability recharges for 1 second and reduces Spell Power by 30% for 5 seconds.
  • Time Lapse: Increase the range and speed of Gravity Lapse by 30%, and it reduces move speed by 20% for 3 seconds.

Tier 3 – Damage

  • Burned Flesh: Hitting at least 2 Heroes with Flamestrike damages them for 10% of their Maximum Health. Hitting at least 3 Heroes reduces your Heroic ability cooldown by 10%.
  • Backdraft: Gravity Lapse pierces through the first enemy affected by Living Bomb, applying it to its next target. Living Bombs that spread to Heroes deal 15% bonus damage.
  • Sunfire Enchantment: Casting Basic Abilities causes your next Basic Attack within 5 seconds to instead deal 90 Spell Damage, increased to 150 vs Heroes. Holds 3 charges.
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Tier 5 – Offense & Utility

  • Fire Dance: Flamestrike's pool lasts 100% longer, and reduces enemy Hero Attack Speed by 50% for 2 seconds. You dance 50% faster while standing in the pool (…why not?).
  • Mana Tap: Each Hero hit by Gravity Lapse reduces its cooldown by 2 seconds and refunds 30 mana. Heroes hit lose 100% of their current mana, which is returned after 2.5 seconds. Softer silence.
  • Nether Winds: Gravity Lapse passes through and instantly kills minions, and deals up to 400 damage to Shields. After it stops, it remains in place for 2 seconds, hitting the next enemy hit.

Tier 6 – FIRE

  • Pyromaniac: Damaging Heroes with Flamestrike and Living Bomb grants 10% Spell Power and causes Basic Abilities to recharge 50% faster for 2 seconds. Both explosion and periodic damage.
  • Flamethrower: Your Basic Attacks and Flamestrike gain 20% range. Basic Attacks against enemies affected by Flamestrike or Living Bomb’s periodic damage also deal 90 spell damage in an area.
  • Fury of the Sunwell: Flamestrike explodes a second time at full size 1.5 seconds later.

Tier 7 – Storm

  • Rebirth: Reduce Phoenix’s cooldown and mana cost by 50%. Casting Flamestrike moves the Phoenix towards its location. More interactive! Dunno what the exact distance should be.
  • Presence of Mind: Pyroblast gains 40% radius, plus another 60% over 5 seconds. Heroes that are hit by Flamestrike or have Living Bomb spread to them reduce its cooldown by 10 seconds. Radius growing the longer its avoided, should be interesting in teamfights.
  • Eternal Flame: Increase the Radius of Living Bomb by 15%. Living Bombs spread from explosions can now also spread Living Bomb. They're nerfed baseline and lack synergy, should be fine.
  • The Sun King: Verdant Spheres can be recast within 6 seconds at the cost of 3 Mana Addict Stacks. If Mana Addict is complete, gain 30 Spell Armor while Mana Shield is active or while at 15 stacks. Playing with resource management and removing the fury. Can't have two fury talents!

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