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Kael’Thas rework idea that’s supposed to make him OP.

Content of the article: "Kael’Thas rework idea that’s supposed to make him OP."

We all predict that KT is going to be one of next reworks in HOTS if any ever happen. If it's than KT rework is probably in development right now.

Nonetheless i decided to share my idea of such rework.

My issue with KT kit is his W. Living Bomb often depends on enemy positioning which makes him better or worse at different levels of play.

My idea is to shift some power from enemy mistakes to KT's decision making while increasing the latter.

Now to the point:

Living Bomb becomes an effect that KT can infuse into enemies. It just deals it's normal 126 damage over 4 seconds instead of 3.
! Doesn't explode !
! Doesn't stack !

Passive: Verdant Spheres:
Empower your next ability and infuse every hit target with Living Bomb.
Cooldown 6s -> 8s

~Kael'Thas will need a little more tools to infuse enemies. Cooldown increase to compensate for bonus damage.

Q: No changes.

W: Flamebolt:
Becomes a skillshot. Range and speed as Jaina's Q for quick comparison.
! Mana Cost= 10 !
! Cooldown= 3s !
Deals 72 damage (1/3 of old explosion dmg) to first hero hit and infuses them with Living Bomb.
If enemy is infused already then enemy explodes dealing 215 dmg to himself and nearby allies.
! Planned Mechanic: When you hit infused enemy with empowered spell then explosion damage is considered as spell-hit thus infusing every enemy hit by explosion with Living Bomb. !

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~ Skillshot aspect make this skill fully dependant on KT's skill instead of his enemies hugging abilities. Low cooldown should add some more raw power to the hero while fear of explosions will still encourage enemy team to keep the social distance.

E, R1, R2: No changes.

~Rework focuses on annoying mechanics of Living Bomb thus i will not try to change anything else.

What do you think guys? Overpowered? Underpowered? Plain stupid? I'll should go to jail for even proposing such dumb ideas?

I'll try to post some talent changes tomorrow but I won't change anything related to perk distribution. Most of the changes there you could deduce just by looking at his actual W talents.

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