Heroes of the Storm

Learn to close out your games!

To this is both a rant to vent and an appeal to people to learn to finish games.

So, we're on Dragonshire. We've been struggling the entire early game to do anything but draw out Shrine fights and try to not get behind to far. I, tanking as Mei, am stuck solo laning against a Gul'dan (which I'm winning because he doesn't respect the Mei and frequently over steps). Past level 13 our Abathur/Zul'jin duo finally starts to make things happen and we start winning fights and make up the level difference. Approaching level 20 we're even on xp and both teams lost all forts and both mid keeps were down. Even game.

The third Dragon phase comes up. After a bit of a drawn out comedy of errors both teams reached level 20 but we manage to win a decisive victory for the Dragon Knight, killing 4 in the process and losing our Nova. Rather than rush core, I'm baffled to see my team wanted to flip the shrines and take Dragon Knight. Sure, whatever, fine. We have time. The first one we killed is back, but we still have 3 30+ second death timers on the other team. Only two man defending. Time to rush the core and finish this, right?

Wrong. Lets send one bot to pointlessly clear a lane while the Dragon Knight very slowly goes top to take down the wall + keep. This takes forever because with Zul'jin in the Dragon we actually have zero siege damage outside it and for some reason he keeps dancing back and forth and not just bulldozering through it. By the time the keep falls, all five on both teams are back up and the Dragon has 10 % HP left. I'm losing my will to live. I ping retreat, as it's 4v5 as our Nova isn't with us yet. People are slow. 3 of us die.

We lose the fight for the 4th Dragon. The other team makes the 400 IQ play of marching it straight for our core through the open middle lane and win the game.

Please people. If it's late game and you just killed most of the other team, and there's a keep already down. Just go and win the damn game.

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