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Lesser-known mechanics about objective priority (e.g. which lane the Immortal pushes)

Content of the article: "Lesser-known mechanics about objective priority (e.g. which lane the Immortal pushes)"

I'm not sure if there is a good resource for this sort of thing around any more/still maintained.

Some people might know that the Battlefield of Eternity Immortal and Braxis Holdout boss do not alternate or randomly pick which lane to push, but instead are purported to go to the lane with the most defending structures left.

However, fewer probably know that despite this description it doesn't check the total number or health of structures in each lane but instead checks each successive feature in the order minions would generally hit them. For example, if you backdoor a keep on BoE or even fort AND keep but manage to not completely destroy both fort towers and front gate, the immortal will actually push this lane (with potentially nothing but a 1hp front gate or turret by the fort remains) as long as the fort wall in the other lane is completely destroyed or at least has lower HP (note that side walls appear to be ignored).

From my limited testing in customs, it appears that on BoE the priority is:

  1. Total HP of fort wall (both towers plus gate)
  2. Total HP of fort
  3. Total HP of fort fountain
  4. Total HP of keep wall
  5. Total HP of keep
  6. Total HP of keep fountain
  7. Else, immortal appears to always go bot (at least for left team/angels) rather than randomly choosing

Note that in theory this means you could hypothetically destroy everything but the fort fountain in one lane and destroy the entire fort complex including fountain (but not keep/keep wall) in the other to effectively make the immortal go straight to core. However I believe immortals now always stop for the fountain (and minions also usually aggro onto them) so this is difficult to set up.

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Additionally, it means if one fort wall has both turrets remaining but the other lane has only 1 fort turret remaining the immortal might push the lane with only 1 fort turret left (as long as the overall hp of the towers + gate is higher). But as long as some part of the wall is up any damage or even total destruction of subsequent structures is not considered (except, I assume, in the case of an exact tie by fort HP).

On maps like Sky Temple/Hanamura, of course, the objective will fire at the fort complex closest to it, else if none alive the closest keep complex, else core. They will use shots to kill the fountain as well and generally go for the closest structure within each complex first. Thus e.g. as the first objective always has a mid and top temple, the top temple is more important since it's a double knight camp lane while mid lane has no camps (even though most teams usually 4 man fight over mid). But both are far less important than the second objective, which is always a single bot lane temple, pushing the lane with double siege giants and boss first.

However note that for whatever reason Sky Temple goes purely by distance (closest tower, then front gate, then farther tower, then fort or fountain then the other) while Hanamura first kills the closer turret, then farther turret, THEN front gate, then fort then fountain (presumably because of being newer/Sky Temple's mechanics were never updated to be consistent with this).

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