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LF some advise and hopefully people to help me out a bit

Content of the article: "LF some advise and hopefully people to help me out a bit"

Ok, this is kind of a repost, but also a bit different:

I used to play SL in and around lower, mid Plat, now being in free fall and I reached my lowest point with one game away from Silver 1.
I know my micro is not great on all the heroes, possibly better on some.
However, I do believe that I have a solid knowledge of macro play and overall game mechanics.

Now my problem is: whatever I try to do, it seems to make no difference.
If I play a hero like Xul to double soak and play macro, in order to mitigate that my team mates have no idea what soak is, then they usually end up fighting 4 v 5 over merc camps and thus losing the game (exaggerated, but I guess you can picture the situation).
If I play a hero like ETC, to have a higher impact in TFs, my team usually does not soak, take mercs, or play macro at all, and we quickly fall behind in XP and, well, lose the game.
I am not so great of an Assassin, so I won't even attempt anything there. Besides, everyone and their mother always wants to play Ass, so if I don't cover solo lane or tank, toxicity, yey.

I want to point out that I do make many mistakes, for sure. And I don't really know what I am good at, it feels like I am basically just running around trying to compensate whatever people are doing wrong. Which feels shit, frankly.

So I'd be happy to know if there's something I can do to see some improvement, something that I actually have control over. I try to rotate as much as possible, I try to ping and make calls, but I still have to rely on people actually doing any of the things I want to do, and they mostly just don't. I can ping the mercs like a maniac, but no one will go. And if I go, well, the scenario I described earlier usually takes place.
I think I would appreciate it most if someone could play with me or watch some replays and tell me some major points about what to do, based on how my games look like.
I wish I was mechanically good enough to just stomp people in fights, but that#s not really an option.

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If anyone has any helpful insights, please let me know, thanks.

Here's my heroes profile for reference

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