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LGBT HotS Community – LFG Friday Post

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Hi hi!

I run an LGBTQIA+ Discord community for Heroes of the Storm.

It's meant to be a casual environment where people can find like-minded individuals to play with. It isn't necessary that you be LGBT to join, we only ask that people treat each-other kindly and follow the server rules. We're an inclusive community, anyone who wants to join is absolutely welcome.

It's a small server (about 100 members), about 3/4ths of our members are located in North America, the other 1/4 are located in Europe.

We have active players that enjoy all game modes at all skill levels, and people regularly active in voice chat. (Though, we could really benefit from more active EU players.)

What's the point?

People tend to be more comfortable chatting and playing with people who share similar life experiences, values, and expectations. For many of us in the LGBT community, public gaming communities can be kind of toxic. It removes an element of stress and makes for an overall more enjoyable gaming experience.

  • New** Opt-in voice/chat channels for other MOBAs (Smite, League, DOTA)
  • Dedicated, active, and mature AM/PM staff members.
  • No @ everyone/here pings, ever.
  • Opt-in hobby/interest channels (Anime, Memes, Tabletop Gaming, Music, etc)
  • Active general chat channels
  • Movie nights (mostly anime, but we're open to whatever)
  • Dedicated bot (and music bot) channels
  • Streamer role for HotS streamers (and a self-promo channel)
  • No politics or inflammatory discussions. Our focus is on gaming. No drama.**
  • No verification/application process*

*To make it easier to get involved and get playing, we've gotten rid of the application/verification process. You'll be able to chat as soon as you join.
**With the American primary elections coming up in November, I'd like to emphasize that we do NOT allow political discussions of any type on the server in voice or text chat. There's plenty of other avenues to have those discussions.

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This is an SFW server open to ages 13+.

If this is something that interests you, come hang out, play with us, meme, and chill.


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