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List of Cheeseable Healing Fountains (level 1)

Infernal Shrines: Probably the best known. Anyone can kill the fountain in botlane by simply walking around to it through the side passage on the bottom of the map. With short attack range heroes (especially range 1 i.e. Uther, Mura, Aba, Dehaka) make sure you stand on the point of the fountain farthest from the fort and auto it from as far away as possible.

However, you can also easily cheese all of the 3 keep fountains if you have a way of getting over the walls, they're all very far from the fort.

You can also cheese the top fountain with any hero with at least 1.5 attack range, which includes most "melee" heroes. To get the right side fountain you have to stand about north-northwest of it, or north-northeast for the left side top fountain. Note that to get here you either have to go over the wall or walk there from between fort and keep wall (near where the enemy bruisers are) and also depending on your hero will probably take a fort shot or two when you get close to the safe spot.

Additionally the mid fountain can be cheesed by walking past the enemy siege camp around to the side by mid keep wall, but normally only by heroes with at least 5.5 range (normal "ranged hero" range) autoing from max range. It's a bit tricky to hit, you can't just right click the fountain because the shortest path puts you in fort range. You have to move slightly south from where the auto-pathing puts you, still in range of fountain but outside fort range (such that you're hugging the wall with vision of the fountain). This might not work for larger heroes like Azmodan. Or, other shorter ranged heroes can "safely" auto it through the wall where the enemy siege camp is if they have a means of gaining vision over there (or anyone with a long enough skillshot that doesn't require vision to use can cheese it through there).

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Summary for other maps:

Garden of Terror: All 3 fort fountains are cheeseable by walking around to behind the fort by any normal ranged hero

Cursed Hollow: The mid fountain is cheeseable by some "melee" and all ranged heroes by walking around (from either side, bot or top jungle), the top fountain on the right side and bot fountain on the left side are also exposed even to most melee heroes but require sneaking way around through the jungle (and likely timing your approach to not be standing in an entire enemy minion wave as you hit the fountain).

Alterac Pass: Ranged heroes can easily walk around and cheese the right side top fountain or left side bot fountain. They can also cheese the mid fountain if they take a couple shots on the fort on their way walking around to the alcove which gives a safe place to attack the fountain.

Braxis Holdout: You can cheese the top fountain with most ranged heroes by walking all the way around behind the fort/near the keep wall and over to the top side of the map. You can also cheese the mid fountain (behind the gate/2 towers with no lane/minion wave) if you can get over the wall with a ranged hero (there is no central tower to protect it unlike Infernal Shrines).

Note that if you can cheese the 2 middle towers (certain heroes can) they give 400 XP each as they count as keep towers. That's 1.3~ kills each level 1 (same thing for each of the 3 towers on Battlefield of Eternity incidentally).

Hanamura Temple: Most ranged heroes can cheese the right side top fountain or left side bot fountain (these 2 are symmetric) by sneaking way around behind the fort, taking possibly 1 or 2 fort shots, and standing in a safe place in the corner similarly to Infernal Shrines top fountains.

The remaining 2 fort fountains are cheeseable through the wall with certain heroes gaining vision/using abilities, similarly to Infernal Shrines mid fountains.

Volskaya Foundry: Ranged heroes can actually cheese the bot fountains, but you have to continually kite back against the flow of the conveyor belt. You can also cheese the mid fountain even with melee heroes just by walking around.

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Battlefield of Eternity: You can cheese any of the fort fountains by attacking through the wall with a hero that has ranged autos and can gain vision or anyone with appropriate ranged skillshots.

It appears this map actually has an asymmetry which allows you to reach a safe place in the bot right side (hell) fort after either jumping over the wall or sneaking around and taking 2-3 fort shots, which said safe spot within vision of the fountain does not appear to exist for any of the other 3 forts. In theory this gives an advantage to left side (heaven), but given that the 4 man is usually bot on this map any one of those opponents with a functioning mini-map could make short work of a cheeser.

Towers of Doom: You can actually cheese the mid fountain either through attacking through the wall near the siege camp (if you can gain vision) OR with any ranged hero (even as low as 4 range i.e. Baleog; note Mei and Blaze are 4.5 range) by walking through the death zone by bot into mid and staying right by the edge.

Tomb of the Spider Queen: Ranged heroes can easily cheese all 3 fort fountains just by walking around.

Dragon Shire: Heroes with at least 1.25 range can cheese the top or mid fountains without taking a fort shot.

Sky Temple: Ranged heroes (even 4 range) can cheese the top fountains. Note that it can be hard to sneak to this one since most teams will head straight from mid and fight over the watchtower. If you're adventurous one route might be to sneak by the boss pit and back around behind their mid fort up north, behind the top fort, and around to the safe side of the fountain (this will give vision of you in mid but if you wait for teams to start fighting and tunnel vision in QM or low ranks they won't notice).

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4+ range heroes can similarly get the mid fountain.

Summary/Motivation: Contrary to popular belief, every single map in the game (tested here only with ranked maps) has at least one fountain lvl 1 which has a cheeseable healing fountain for most ranged heroes (i.e. killable using auto-attacks only). It's not just Infernal Shrines that's a problem in terms of its map design, and not just Genji who can cheese a lot of fountains. Given that this is probably unintended behavior (though long-standing at this point/almost part of the meta), it would probably be advisable to relocate some of these fountains or make them invulnerable (destroyed automatically when the fort is destroyed like in brawl).

Additionally, the penalty for deaths level 1 is VERY low in this game compared to other MOBAs. It's only 300 XP, about 0.67 minion waves. So, dying for the fountain could actually be worth it, especially in low ranks where people are likely to, if they respond at all to the cheese, send all 5 and loses soak in ~2 lanes just to kill you (and usually too late to stop you from even killing it).

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