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List of Dva bugs and (possibly unintended?) interactions

Content of the article: "List of Dva bugs and (possibly unintended?) interactions"

Dva is my favourite hero. I've been testing her rework for hours. Following are some of the bugs or weird interactions I found:

  1. Dva pilot form does a lot more damage. At level 1 it used to be 57.2 damage but now she does 85.8 damage. Did she just get an undocumented 50% damage buff? This severely skews how Dva plays (Dva's auto damage is mostly for PvE only because her hp is too low and she can't stutterstep against enemy heroes)
    1. is this a bug? undocumented change?
  2. Defensive matrix can no longer be cancelled. This is pretty huge. The reason is because of the retargetting mechanism of course. But being able to cancel defensive matrix is quite important. For example, kelthuzard combos your teammate or kaelthas pyroblasts your teammate. Your turn on defensive matrix right at the moment the pyroblast and shadow fissure hits. Immediately after that, the defensive matrix is useless if there is no more damage to block, and you want to be able to turn it off.
    1. She is not even able to turn off defensive matrix by hitting the "B" key to hearth. Why? Tychus can do that to turn off minigun. Can Dva get the same functionality? For many reasons, defensive matrix can be very useful to mitigate a flamestrike or an orphea chomp (only need it on for 0.3 seconds) and then you can start auto-attacking again, but now the new Dva can't do that.
  3. With her level 4 nuclear option talent, the cooldown for callmech is also reduced when mech explodes faster, so it is less than 4 seconds.
    1. Is this intended behaviour?
  4. Dva's auto-attack acquisition range is still misleading. This "bug" has been around since the previous iteration of Dva. Basically if you look at the rectangle in front of you, that rectangle doesn't actually represent Dva's actual attack range. Dva cannot attack targets at the tip of that rectangle. They are still within the rectangle, but are out of range.
  5. Call mech cooldown when interrupted is 5 seconds on PTR. I tested the current live version of Dva and it is also 5 seconds. I thought I remember it was 4 seconds, not sure if anything was changed.
  6. When using her "callmech" ability, Dva seems to reduce the cooldown of concussive pulse (or increase the cooldown of her torpedo dash). To reproduce this bug is easy, do the following steps:
    1. Go to try mode
    2. Cast torpedo dash FIRST then cast concussive pulse right after. Torpedo dash cooldown is ahead of concussive pulse.
    3. Callmech
    4. Self-destruct
    5. After self-destructing you will now see that concussive pulse cooldown is slightly faster and has become ahead of torpedo dash. Why?
Read:  semi-positive rant :)

I spent hours testing Dva's rework and have a final comment. I really dislike how silly her short-ranged torpedo dash looks now. If this talent is ever in need of a buff, can the range and speed of this ability be reverted to 6.75 range and 17.5 speed? Nerf concussive pulse if necessary to compensate. The PTR version of torpedo dash looks silly, feels bad to use and puts me off so much and it was one of my favourite Dva abilities (it looked and sounded really cool before but now the sliding sound and trail of smoke behind her that used to look cool doesn't fit the shortened range. I expect Dva to slide further with the "whoosh" sound she makes then she just abruptly stops). Restore her torpedo dash and rebalance her power elsewhere so the ability fits with how it was designed to look and sound please, it's literally my favourite talent on my favourite hero and now I don't feel like picking it ever again.

And finally thanks to the devs for your hard work and a great job, in all other respects, Dva does look quite fun and exciting to play, post-rework.

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