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Lots of new people coming in- balancing?

To start, I play mostly QM and some ranked , Silver, in NA.

I've been noticing a lot of new and returning people playing the last few weeks. I'm talking games with up to 5 sub 100 accounts, and there is a least a couple in most matches.

My concern is that in QM I'm seeing both new people and people up to diamond rank in the same game. This just seems insane. It's making for very one sided stomps when most or all of the inexperienced people are on one team. It's not fun to be on either side when the matches aren't competitive.

The same thing is happening in my SL games. Since most people who are new to SL get placed in Silver it's been a nightmare dice roll almost every match. Getting match after match of people instalocking heroes they've never played and just generally not knowing how to play is frustrating. I'm not talking about just not soaking or taking camps- I expect this in Silver, I'm saying they don't know the basics like what the obj does on that map, what their heros do and they don't understand that they can't 1v4 everyone on their own as Valeera because she's invisible.

I understand that having new blood is a good thing for the game. I think it's great, really. But the matchmaking needs to be better. The placement matches in SL should mean something, if 3 isn't enough make it 5 or 7. Dumping people into a rank because it's easy shouldn't be the answer. Relying on them to tank games for themselves and others shouldn't be seen as a reliable way to adjust their own rank. Trolling, int'ing and afk isn't allowed so why put people at a rank where they are effectively doing all of these things?

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Likewise with QM, experience with the game and rank should be factored. Level 1000 accounts with platinum and diamond rank should not be grouped against level 10 accounts. I'm all for trying new heros and builds in QM for a bit of fun but crushing new people isn't fun, for them or me.

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