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Lucifer’s Guide D.Va rework

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Hey, I'm Lucifer, that one trick D.Va lvl 567 in master when I don't decay to eternity. I'm writing my takes on the new D.Va rework.

Change to know:
Massive aa mech dps buff (+33% at close range)
Substantial Defense Matrix nerf (from 75% to 50% DR)
Better poke (Big Shot baseline + Micro Missiles)
Increased sustain mechanic.
No more counters % dmg with DM with the x4 bomb charge multiplier.
Lost of Bunny Hop massive dps power spike at lvl 20 for longer unstoppable.
Lost of Ablative Armor’s value vs incremental dmg for spell resistance.
You can instantly cancel DM with D and redirecting it up to 5 times.

Much easier to master.
Taking camps and staying in mech is a priority without Headshot! lvl 20.
Her builds are still situational. There’s not a single build that will always be better than an other.

Her counters are still the same, but she manages it better.
Li-ming’s trait and poke.
Sonya’s trait.
Stukov’s silence and push-back.
Long ranged AA dps.
Xul’s macro and Attack Slow.
TLV’s overwhelming macro presence.
Arthas’s Frozen Tempest.

Level 1:

Full Metal: Mostly for the solo lane in a 3 lanes map. You can take the bruiser camp at lvl 1 in only 23 sec. No need to tap, losing ~55%HP and gaining ~47% bomb charge.

Pro Moves: In the 4 man with a high input healer.

Liquid Cooling: Either in the 4 man or in the solo lane. Great VS poke comp. Less good VS melee burst.

Level 4:

Rush-Down: Great VS a tanky comp that can’t macro.

Aggression Matrix: Could be good VS an AD carry team comp, but I wouldn’t count on it often. Pairs with Fusion Generator. You see a Valla or Tracer + Auriel, you pick it.

Nuclear Option: The default pick, no question asked. The pilot needs to survive with the removal of Nanoweave Suit. It’s also part of her AA build, which gives consistent value.

Level 7:

Get On The Point!: It’s ok on the biggest maps, but you’re losing other powerful talents.

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Hit the Nitrous: Her very first CC. A must pick if the other team needs to have a mobile channeled ability stopped like Li Li’s Jug or Sonya’s Whirlwind.

Fusion Generator: The default pick. You get more dps, more bomb charge.

Level 10:

Bunny Hop: The pick 20% of the time. If they have Gust, Avalanche, Apoc, Fear or Stukov. It’s very situational.

Micro Missiles: The slows are super obnoxious at a safe distance. Plus it’s decent dmg. It’s like having Big Shot without having to be in Pilot mode.

Level 13:

Target Locked: A must pick if you take Aggression Matrix.

Good To Go: You take it if you’re not going for Headshot! and the enemy doesn’t have much burst spell dmg. There’s a lot of plays that you can make with it. It’s a low skill floor, but also a high skill ceiling. I need to try the full combo now that I can have it as soon as lvl 13. Works great with Nuclear Option. Combo: Q, E, R, Q, W.

Pew! Pew! Pew!: See above.

Level 16:

In For The Kill: The Default pick.

Diverting Power: If the enemy has incremental dmg worth of picking this talent. It gains more value by picking the situational Aggression Matrix talent.

Emergency Shielding: I can see it working VS Li-Ming and Malthael’s Last Rites, but I personally always disliked that talent.

Level 20:

Stop and Pop: It got nerfed so much. It could be picked for situations like a boss control point, but I wouldn’t count on it. The baseline 4 sec unstoppable is usually good enough.

Timing Attack: If you like the Mech playstyle and don’t need extra tankiness.

Headshot!: If you picked Pew! Pew! Pew!

Ablative Armor: If you need extra tankiness. It should be the default pick when you’re not going for the DM build.

Put Defense Matrix and Retarget Defense Matrix on quick cast.
Hold RMB most of the time in Mech mode for a more fluid maneuver.
Manage your bomb charge and your HP together. Not having 70% charge at full life is very risky to go all in. The same goes during pilot mode.
Disrupt the enemy front line from their backline with Self-Destruct, but don’t use it when you’re healthy because baiting abilities on your mech can save the pilot’s life when she comes out.
Take camps as much as possible and push with it. Her cleave is fantastic for destroying gates with her 50% bonus dmg in close range.

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Solo in a 3 lanes map: This would be my main build, as I use D.Va for heavy macro, AA build and Self-Destruct charge. Link As you can see, there's a lot of situational talents. It all depends on the enemy team comp, like I wrote in the talent section. For a 2 lanes map, I would pick Liquid Cooling in priority.

Tank in the 4 man: Uncommon draft with restricted picks. Link She would need 2 healers with one of them being either Kharazim, Rehgar or Uther. The main assassin would require lots of sustain dmg without hitting precise skillshots like valla, Raynor and Cassia. W at 13 and 16 + Ablative Armor only if the enemy has enough incremental dmg. Else, Big Shot to get the Mech as fast as possible. Headshot! lvl 20 is too strong to pass on if you take Pew! Pew! Pew!

Bruiser in the 4 man: She's a great addition as 2 bruisers in a comp works well in point control objectives. Link You can roam with a Self-Destruct ready, take camps easily, will not mana tax your single healer and having decent poke dmg.


I'm overall happy with the new changes, giving her a normal MS out of combat and Big Shot to make her better than an only late game hero. Her poke and sustain are a great addition. I love Full Metal. I absolutely hate the new Stop and Pop. The 200% bonus dmg is all gone and it was my go to talent to one shot squishies. I'll just move on and enjoy other play style. Without the GGWP bug at lvl 1 (only the 50% bonus dmg), I think that she'll be pretty balanced, even for low level D.Va players.

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You can still ban her from me, but I'll smack your face with Yrel.

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