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Lunara’s level 16 talent Unfair Advantage is… really bad

First of all we're disregarding the insane utility of Starwood Spear or the strong synergy that Accelerated Contamination brings, since it's harder to compare those. Unfair Advantage is a pure damage talent, so lets compare damage with the easiest other damage talent on that tier, Invigorating Spores. For this post I'll be using entirely level 0 values, as all damage will (mostly) scale the same.

Let's first examine Unfair Advantage. It adds 60% damage to your trait on enemies that are Stunned, Rooted, or Slowed. Note that unlike other Executioner-style effects, there is no added duration here – every time your trait ticks (once per second by the way) if its target is CCd it will do extra damage, otherwise it will not. That said, with a base damage of 36 DPS, Unfair Advantage adds an extra 21.6 DPS.

Now lets look at Invigorating Spores. When you press your W, for the next 6 seconds you gain 30% attack speed. Independent of that, basic attacks against enemies with 3 stacks of your trait are damaged for 1.5% of their maximum health. Let's first calculate your AA dps increase, excluding % damage. With a base attack speed of 1.11 and an attack damage of 90, Invigorating spores adds an extra 1.11*90*.3 = 29.97 DPS. This is already more than the DPS added by Unfair Advantage. But Silverspy, you may ask, Unfair Advantage is active all the time, while this part of Invigorating Spores is only active for 6 seconds after pressing W. Very good point, so let's also calculate your sustained damage.

1.11*1.3*.015 = .021645 (your % damage/second during invigorating)

1.11 * .015 = .01665 (your % damage/second outside of invigorating)

(.021645 * x + 29.97)(6/10) + (.01665 * x)(4/10) = 21.6

Where X is the health requires on your target to break even with Unfair Advantage, and 6/10 represents the fact that your W has a 10 second cooldown and is active for 6 seconds.

Solving for X (not showing that because I did it with a graphing calculator) gives you… 185 health, a health value so ridiculously low that Invigorating Spores is still solidly in the lead for sustained DPS. But of course we're assuming you always attack and that you always are attacking someone with 3 stacks to take advantage of your % damage. For the second point, remember that Invigorating Spores outdamages Unfair Advantage purely through increased AA dps during its duration. Overall, with the simple calculation 21.6-(29.97(6/10)) we can see that Unfair Advantage is only 3.618 DPS more than Invigorating Spores if we *never get any % damage procs. Even then, over a 10 second period 4 % damage procs on a Murky is enough to push the damage back in favor of Invigorating Spores.

But what if you can't AA continuously? That's still fine, because…

.021645 * 730 (murky base health) + 29.97 = 45.77085 or 2.11 times Unfair Advantage's damage. Meaning you can miss half your autos on a murky and still outdamage Unfair Advantage. If we use the median health (Stukov, 1850) we come out to 3.24 times Unfair Advantage. Of course that's only over the duration of Invigorating Spores, so redoing those calculations for sustained damage as above of course brings those down a bit – the damage on Murky is only about 1.5 times that of Unfair Advantage – you can still miss every 4th auto or so, but that's not nearly as good. The damage on Stukov is 2.52 times Unfair Advantage though, so you can still miss a good chunk.

As another aside, what if you never press W? .01665x = 21.6 gives us a health value of 1315, which is almost all of the roster barring Nova, Murky, and Li-Ming. Of course then you can't afford to miss many autos – the breakpoint for missing every other auto is 2631 health, which only encompasses some of the beefiest boys. But hey, that's a pretty good deal for playing with one less button.

Finally there's one last objection – that of area damage. This one has a good amount of weight to it. Even on only two targets there's not really a way to outperform Unfair Advantage, unless your two targets are in the range of a stacked Diablo and a Stitches (unless you Splintered Spear it, but I would not endorse that). However, I would argue that single target kill pressure is far more important than some AoE damage, especially considering that the damage is rather low. If you're facing a low-sustain team and your goal is to deplete their resources and win through attrition, sure I suppose Unfair Advantage helps with that. Most games don't rely fully on that style of play though.

As an aside it's useful to note that Invigorating Spores gives a minor PvE boost – not especially relevant, but worth considering.

As a final note, I want to point out that all of these calculations assumed that Unfair Advantage was always active. Remember, the target has to be stunned, rooted, or slowed constantly to get long-term value out of Unfair Advantage. You have your own slow in your W, but that lasts for 3 seconds vs the 6 seconds of Invigorating Spores. Outside of games with an Overwhelming Affliction Sylvanas, Jaina, or Arthas you're probably not getting constant Unfair Advantage procs. Even then, the odds that you can constantly slow two people are much lower.


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