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Malygos, The Spell-Weaver, Why not?

I am STILL loving Malygos, for Seven years, Since I was 14(I am currently 20 y/o), for a lot of reasons that I cannot say.

So, I tried to make a custom hero, and here it is– Malygos, the Spellweaver. Enjoy. (Critique Please. Everything was made from my ideas– so I can be wrong.)

Malygos, the Spellweaver(or Spell-Weaver)

He's one of the five Dragon Aspects and the leader of the Blue Dragonflight, also known as the Aspect of Magic. Neltharion the Earth-Warder, or Deathwing, Destroyed his Dragonflight almost completely during the War of the Ancient, which caused Malygos gone mad and insane for over 10,000 Years.

Now the Guardian of Arcane Magic found the way to head to the Nexus, where he can fulfill his duty as the Spellweaver, the Guardian of Arcane Magic and hidden arcanum.

Malygos does not seek out combat; and although he and his dragonflight are still routinely hunted by black dragons, he avoids their kind if at all possible. When he does fight, he engages spellcasters first, using his breath weapon and other abilities to sweep spells from their minds.


  • Able to Buff Friendly Hero's Damage.
  • Unlimited Mana.
  • Widespread, High Skill Damage.
  • High Spell Armor.
  • Can decrease opponent's skill damage rate.
  • Versatile with two major playstyle – CC or Nuke


  • In his Dragon Form, His Big Size of his body. (Almost the same as Deathwing)
  • Cannot nullify Physical Attack Damage (Really weak against, such as Raynor)
  • Some of his skills have a long time of cooldown.
  • Not having enough health to survive for a long time, Despite having a high spell armor.
  • Weak and slow normal Physical Attack.
  • Weak against Crowd Control, in Dragon form


Passive – Aspect of Magic

Malygos is both Ranged Assassin(in Elf Form) and Close-Ranged Assassin(Dragon form). He can change his form when he wants to, but it has 40 seconds of cooldown time.

He has 1900 of Health at Level 1, have always 50% of High Spell Armor, but his health increment will stop at Level 10, with having only 2300 of health. (Lore-Wise, He was weak at Physical Combat, but Super Powerful in Magic.)

He have two types of Skill Set: Elf Form, and his true form – Dragon form!

Z – The Blue Aspect: 40 second Cooldown

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After a 5 seconds of delay, Malygos changes his form to his Dragon Form / Elf Form. Malygos in his dragon form can fly through walls / objects, but his movement speed is limited to 95%.

Q(Dragon) – Arcane Breath: 9 second cooldown

After 0.8 seconds of delay, Malygos breaths out his Arcane Breath. Deals 40 damage per 0.1s, skills can be used continuously, lasts for up to 5 seconds, Can be cancelled by pressing the button. An opponent took damage from it takes -15% of Spell Power reduction debuff for 3.5 seconds. Malygos cannot use skill, or move upon activation.

W(Dragon) – Vortex: 12 second cooldown

Malygos flaps wings, causing wind vortex to make enemy fly inside of the vortex , making an enemy unable to escape. (note: an enemy affected by it can still attack you!) lasts for 5 seconds. Malygos cannot attack, use skill, or move away upon activation. This skill cannot be cancelled by yourself or an opponent's crowd control ability.

E(Dragon) – Arcane Storm – 8 second cooldown

After 0.5 seconds of delay, Malygos Fires a salvo of magic missiles into the air. These missiles select a random nearby enemy target and slam into them. Deals 120 damage per missiles, fires total of 10 of them. (0.25 sec of delay between missiles). An Opponent affected by it takes -5% of Spell Power reduction debuff for 2 seconds. Debuff Cannot be stacked. (10 hits isn't -50% reduction)


Q(Elf) – Arcane Pulse – 5 second cooldown

Malygos lashes out with an instant pulse, laser-like arcane energy, deals 350 damage with -5% of Spell Power reduction debuff for 5 seconds. Can penetrate multiple enemies.

W(Elf) – Magical Explosion – 8 second cooldown

After 1 second of delay, Malygos fires three Arcane Missiles to individual enemies which sticks to them and explodes after 1 second. An Arcane Missiles targets an Opponent Hero First, Deals 210 damage for individuals, and 75 for explosion.

E(Elf) – Static Field – 5 second cooldown

Malygos Summons a field of crackling energy at a designated area. Deals 100 damage per 1 second, lasts 4 seconds with 10% of slowdown against enemies.


Level 1

  • The Eldest Dragon: Z – Reduces "The Blue Aspect" Cooldown by 20 seconds, Increases Malygos' Dragon Form Movement Speed to 105%.
  • The Eye of Eternity: Q – Reduces "Arcane Breath" Cooldown by 1 second, delay by 0.1 seconds. / "Arcane Pulse" Spell Power Reduction debuff rate is increased to 10%, if you hit 3 or more enemies at once.
  • Pledge Fealty to me!: Quest – Inflict total of 40000 skill damage. Reward – Increases normal skill damage by 20%. Dying resets this quest.
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Level 4

  • Blessing of the Blue Aspect: Activation Skill, 40 seconds of cooldown. Upon Activation, Malygos himself gets 300 of shield, and a nearby friendly heroes get 150 of shield. A shield lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Blue Leviathan: W – "Vortex" duration is increased by 1 second, and the skill is now can be cancelled by pressing the button. / "Magical Explosion" Arcane Missiles count is increased by 1(total of 4)
  • Little more than gnats!: E – "Arcane Storm" Magic Missile's count is increased by 2. / "Static Field" Slowdown effect is increased by 5%(total of 15%).

Level 7

  • Deep Breath: Q – "Arcane Breath" Spell Power Reduction Duration is increased to 5 seconds.
  • Wipe their minds: W – "Vortex" is now able to inflict Spell Power Reduction Debuff, by 10% to an opponent inside of the vortex.
  • Magic Incarnate: E – "Arcane Storm" Spell Power Reduction Duration is increased to 4 seconds.

Level 10 – Ultimate

  • The Focusing Iris: After 0.5 seconds of delay, Malygos places The Focusing Iris to the desired area. The Iris buffs all nearby friendly hero's Spell Damage by 10%, and their Normal Skill Cooldown is reduced 30% faster. Iris remains to the battlefield for 5 seconds. Iris cannot be destroyed. (120 Seconds of Cooldown)
  • I AM THE SPELL-WEAVER!: Upon activation, Malygos unleashes his Ire, begins extermination. Malygos' Skill Damage is increased by 15%, normal Skill Cooldown is reduced 200% faster. 6 seconds of duration. (150 seconds of Cooldown)

Level 13

  • The Arcane Extortionist: Q – "Arcane Breath" now can be used continuously up to 7 seconds, but this increases cooldown by 1 second. Spell Power Reduction debuff rate is increased to 20%. / "Arcane Pulse" Can be charged two times.
  • Lord of the Blue Dragonflight: W – "Vortex" will give you 200 of shield upon activation. deactivation of skill will remove the shield. / "Magical Explosion" explosion radius is increased. Hitting 3 or more opponent heroes will decrease this skill's cooldown by 3 seconds.
  • Phenomenal command of Magic: E – "Arcane Storm" / "Static Field" damage is increased by 90% except for enemy heroes.

Level 16 – All Passive

  • Might of Magic Incarnate: While Malygos is in Dragon Form, he gains 100 shield every 20 seconds. This Shield cannot stack more than 300.
  • Mystical Runes: If Malygos' Health is under 15%, Malygos heals for 1% of his maximum Health per second.
  • Malygos' Ire: If Malygos' Health is under 15%, he gains Skill Damage by 7%.
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Level 20

  • Unlimited Power: "The Focusing Iris" remains 2x longer(10s), cooldown reduced by 30 seconds.
  • My power is infinite!: "I AM THE SPELL-WEAVER!" Damage is increased to 20%. (from 15%)
  • The Nexus War: Spell Power Reduction is now stackable, up to 40%.


Killing a player

  • Your stupidity has finally caught up with you!
  • More artifacts to confiscate…
  • <Laughs> How very… naïve…
  • Your energy will be put to good use!
  • Your spirit will linger here forever!

If an opponent team have Alexstrasa

  • Alexstrasza, another of your brood falls!

Arcane Breath

  • You will not succeed while I draw breath!


  • Watch helplessly as your hopes are swept away!

Repeated Click(poke)

  • What are you poking me, mortal?
  • What could you hope to accomplish?
  • Your cause is lost!
  • My patience has reached its limit. I will be rid of you!
  • I give you one chance. Pledge fealty to me, and perhaps I won't slaughter you for your insolence!

Took me 3 hours to write this… but please critique for me!

Thank you for reading this 🙂 I really love Malygos. Everything was from my idea…. and I can be wrong… it can be a subject to change, but thanks for reading this anyway.


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