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Mei is OP right now

Content of the article: "Mei is OP right now"

People say she's fun, sure, but what makes her OP? since release, Mei has a 60% win rate across all modes. I've heard people say she's low damage, but I constantly see her soloing 3 people, not dying, and and usually killing at least one, often two DPS just trying their hardest to kill her. You need insane burst to really kill her, and a lot of stuns.

I think her slide is too much; she is strong early, mid, and late game with a ton of HP and regen via her trait active, and generally something as powerful as that shouldn't be able to close the gap so easily with all the CC she has.

To compare with other tanks:

  • Snow Blind: Similar to Johanna, but with a slow.
    • 35% slow, blind 1.5s(3.0s with talent 1) vs blind 1.5s
    • diameter 4 vs radius 12, 0 -> ~ 7 width(arc)
  • Blizzard: Fairly unique, the closest thing being Arthas' Tempest, but you don't need to talent it to freeze and can throw it where you like.
    • 7 -> 35% over 2sec, 1.25s stun vs 10 -> 40% slow over 4 sec (continuous)
  • Icing: half of ETC's kit. Power Slide to face melt, trading a slow for a stun for those he hits during slide
    • dash, Knockback, Slow 80% -> 0 over 1.5s vs dash with 1.5s stun, separate knockback
    • 11 distance, 4radius knockback vs 8 distance + 2width stun, 4 radius knockback
  • (Ult) Avalanche: Muradin's knockback but can be entire team
    • .5s Wind up, can roll 5 heroes, 200dmg, .5s * num heroes stun vs .5s stun/wind up, knockback (can shove others to side), 319 dmg to anyone hit
    • 22 unit distance vs 15 unit distance
  • (Ult) Ice Wall: As far as tanks go, this one is unique as it's a stasis
    • 2.5sec stop/stasis, 75% -> 0 slow over 3sec
  • fuck her trait. 40sec cooldown on 35% heal + 1k shield
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Overall, i don't think anyone has this ridiculous amount of slows. Literally her only ability that doesn't slow is Avalanche, but it certainly doesn't need one with a knockback and stun. Not to mention, all her slows are accompanied by other forms of CC, which is unheard of in other tanks.

Mei is more than overtuned, she's OP on tier with Cassia (who seems to get more criticism in this sub)

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