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My take on an Illidan Rework

Why Illidan Needs a Rework:

Sometimes heroes need reworks because their mechanics are clunky or bad, but I don’t think that is the case with Illidan. I and many others feel like he is super fun to play, he just has many bad matchups that he becomes pretty useless against. I think that part of the reason is that not only is he vulnerable to hard cc (Stun, root, silence) as he should be, but he is also extremely vulnerable to soft cc (Blind, Slow, heal reduction). Being able to consistently basic attack to refresh his cooldowns is really important to Illidan. Since he is a hero with no cc other than an ult, a small slow on 20, and bodyblocks, he really relies on his abilities to stay in attack range of enemies. If he can’t use abilities, he can’t attack, and if he can’t attack, he can’t use abilities. Even enemy movement speed increases make it difficult to trigger trait, making it hard to do much of anything versus the great number of heroes that can simply run away. Now, before you tell me to git good and learn to A-move hear me out. I’m not saying that Illidan should be able to do everything well and not have weaknesses, or even that the above should not happen to Illidan, I’m just pointing out that these soft forms of CC really disproportionately effect Illidan more then any other hero and he could use some tweaks to help compensate against it. Over the years CC has become more and more prevalent, with the last hero without some form of cc on a basic ability being Mephisto, and before that Hanzo (both of which have hard cc ults).

Rework Goals:

  • At the foremost is to keep the current feeling of Illidan. He is my personal favorite and most played hero. I enjoy the high risk high reward playstyle. I think that his skill floor should remain high and his abilities create a really unique and fun hero. I don’t want my rework to change his core playstyle at all.

  • I don’t think Illidan needs buffs, Currently, when he’s good he's really good, but most of the time he just isn’t good. Illidan lives on a knife's edge, which is what makes him so hard to adjust. If he just gets a numbers increase, he will easily become OP and dominate matches. One of my main goals has been to improve him without strictly buffing him. I’ve done this mostly by giving him utility and counterplay.

  • Increase his team presence. Part of the Illidumb problem is that he relies on teammates and teammates don’t really get any benefits from him. He’s got damage right now, and that’s just about it. I tried to add a debuff build similar to Leoric’s. This way, even if you have a bad Illidan, hopefully he can help you out just a little bit.

  • Just make him cooler. For years we’ve had heroes released with dynamic and interesting abilities that push the game in new directions. Illidan is still rocking Bolt of the Storm and Nexus Blades.

  • Throw in some more lore. Having a faux Mana Burn and Chaos Damage return I think would be a good nod to Warcraft 3. I’ve also made some references to events that have happened more recently in WoW.

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Baseline Changes:

Sweeping Strike

Adjusted Functionality: Dash towards target point, dealing 119 (+4% per level) damage to enemies along the way. Hitting an enemy grants Illidan Chaos Damage, increasing his Basic Attack damage by 35% for 3 seconds. Chaos Damage is a new keyword that will be used in later talents. Other then that this is a strictly cosmetic change save for the fact that a second cast refreshes the duration instead of starting a new one. This is only relevant for a few talents


Additional Functionality: Can now be used to dive to allied Heroes. Making this baseline is way overdue


Level 1: Damage Tier. Each of these talents introduce a different dynamic playstyle that should make every game different based on what you're facing or prefer.

  1. Unending Hatred PvE and single target
    New functionality: Quest: Every second Chaos Damage has been active for longer than 3 seconds, gain 0.1 Basic Attack Damage. Hero Takedowns grant 1 Basic Attack Damage. If Illidan is left free on lanes or camps, he can become a monster late game.

  2. Battered Assault PvP
    If Sweeping Strike hits 2 Heroes, Chaos Damage’s bonus is increased from 35% to 100%. This effect lasts as long as you maintain Chaos Damage. Down from 125%. This is to offset the fact that it can now last indefinitely. Increased risk, Increased payoff.

  3. Mana Burn PvE, AoE, and Anti-spells
    Chaos Damage burns nearby enemies for 22 (+4% per level) damage a second for 4 seconds. Enemy heroes hit by this get their spell power reduced by 3 for 3 seconds, stacking up to 10 times. Immolation, but now has a niche that will make it situationally better since it was the weakest on the tier

Level 4: Sustain Tier. I thought that Illidan needed some buffs to survivability while not actually increasing his survivability.

  1. Reflexive Block
    Additional Functionality: Increases the range of Dive by 20% Now that Friend or Foe is baseline I wanted to put the range increase somewhere and Reflexive Block needed the buff. This will also help him escape danger easier.

  2. Thirsting Blade
    Additional Functionality: Illidian’s Auto-attacks now ignore armor while Chaos Damage is active. Giving Illi anti-armor gives him a small niche that could help his pick rate. Will also guarantee that he gets the lifeleech he deserves. Warcraft 3 mechanics friendly. *Cenerius sweats nervously*.

  3. Hunter's Onslaught
    Additional functionality: Each enemy hero hit by Sweeping Strike grants 10% movement speed for 2 seconds, up to 30%. An extremely brief movement speed increase is good for getting that perfect bodyblock or little bit of head start needed to escape, while it fades before you can truly do anything insane.

Level 7: Utility Tier. Each of these talents introduce a dynamic playstyle based on what you might need. The talents are named after the roles Illidan has played in his life.

  1. Warrior
    Sweeping Strike can go over walls and terrain. Reward: After hitting 15 Heroes with Sweeping Strike, gain a second charge.

  2. Prisoner
    Illidan enters Timestop for up to 1.5 seconds. Upon exiting, gain Chaos Damage. This cooldown benefits from Betrayer’s Thirst. 40 second cooldown. A very short timestop can help dodge big effects, but keeps DoTs and current cooldowns unlike stasis. Picking this defensive talent means you lose the damage potentials that you could have gotten from the other talents, but getting an ability like this so early is strong.

  3. Betrayer
    Whenever an enemy hero dies, gain 10% increased healing from all sources for 10 seconds. When an ally hero dies, gain 10% attack speed for 10 seconds. Each separately stacking up to 5 times. The real betrayal is when your ally tries to 1v5 with this talent after the rest of you have died.

  4. Jailor
    Hitting enemy heroes with basic abilities slows them by 5% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 4 times.

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Level 10: Ultimate Tier

  1. Metamorphosis

  2. The Hunt

Level 13: Survivability Tier

  1. I’m Blind not Deaf
    While Evasion is active, Illidan is immune to blind effects and his movement speed can't be reduced. Increases Evasion’s cooldown by 1.

  2. Vengeful Immolation
    Evasion explodes upon ending, dealing 40% of evaded damage back in an area. Illidan heals for 30% of damage dealt.

  3. Reckless Hatred
    Illidan gains 30 armor. For each second Chaos Damage is active, decrease this amount by 5, up to 6 times. Illidan frequently struggles with dying on impact with the enemy team. This will help him survive past the initial engage, while also giving opponents counterplay.

Level 16: Damage Tier I really like every talent on this tier. Each one has a place. Blades of Azzinoth might be the best one, but the others are still fun and useful.

  1. Marked for Death

  2. Fiery Brand

  3. Blades of Azzinoth

Level 20: Storm Tier

  1. Demonic Form
    Unchanged Why mess with perfection?

  2. Nowhere to Hide
    Additional functionality: Illidan’s Auto-attacks now reveal enemy heroes for 5 seconds. Most “chaser” heroes have some sort of reveal, and I thought it made the most sense to be here.

  3. I am my Scars
    Basic attacks reduce the current death timer of allied heroes by 1. Evasion gives 30 spell armor.

  4. At any Cost
    Illidan’s attacks now cleave, triggering Betrayer’s Thirst on each target hit.

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All feedback and suggestions are welcome! Especially from my Illidan hero /u/Felewin! What build would you go?

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