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New Nexus Anomaly REALLY should’ve been a New Map Mechanic

Okay so this Nexus Anomaly haven't even begun hitting the Live Servers and it is already getting a lot of talk of how bad and annoyance-inducing it is for the game. There's already a few other Posts going on in detail of how bad of an idea this really is!

  • Now this is merely my opinions regarding it with a short explanation. But i simply put, don't like it. I don't hate the idea of this mechanic and i think it is quite cool actually! However, the problem is that it is incredibly random of when it happens and even if it isn't, it shares a lot of the same problems that the previous Nexus Anomaly had.

  • The previous Nexus Anomaly was adding Aggro Mechanics to the Towers/Forts/Keeps and we all know that it was pretty terrible even still with all of it fixes. It simply put, made certain Heroes way less good to play and punished aggression way too hard. The very last changes it received in the PTR made it tolerable and not nearly as intrusive of the game itself and that is a good thing.

  • This Weather event has so many balancing problems that it feels tacked on without much of a thought just merely because it's meant to "spice things up." Again, it shares a lot of issues that the previous Nexus Anomaly had in the sense that it affects certain Heroes way more than others, and you're telling me now that ALL Maps have to go through this now? I have given this a fair shot and it is certainly interesting, but it merely throws things off the rails too hard in a game where calculated decision-making is key in order to win games.

  • And now we come to the Title of this Post. I will be completely honest with you guys, i really think this Nexus Anomaly is what i call; "wasted potential". It is a cool idea and works really well to introduce Mei in the Nexus and all! And if this Event keeps through and people will hate it as i would predict. Then it's removal would be a very high chance of happening even though Mei stays in the Nexus regardless. It would feel weird having the "Climatologist" stay at the Nexus despite the removal of that said "climate changing event."

  • The Nexus Anomaly should be temporarily removed and then make a return as the primary Map Mechanic of a NEW MAP. That way, all the affects that it's current iteration has can be fit into a single Map that is "designed" around it's effects. Maybe even include a form of "King-of-the-Hill + Tug-'o-War" Objective around Weather Poles that if your team controls more than the opponent does, then the Weather will only benefit your team!

  • It could be a very simple function. Lets say there are 6 Weather Poles in total, 3 of which is automatically gathered by each Team at default. If they're left that way, then the Weather strikes all Heroes on the Map, like the way it functions right now. But let's say your Team captures/tags some of the opposing Team's Weather Poles, then some of their Heroes will NOT gain the Weather effects when they happen! And if your team controls every Weather Pole, then only YOUR team will gain any benefit from the Weather Effects!

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Anyhow, these are my thoughts regarding the Nexus Anomaly. It's interesting for sure and could be fun, but it is way too balance-intrusive and shifting to be applied on EVERY Map. What are your opinions?

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