Heroes of the Storm

NGS Season 9 Playoff announcements!

Today is officially the first day of playoffs for season 9! Congratulations to all the teams that made it! In case you didn't know who made it in, here is the list in order of their seed!


We Take These

CPogX Fanclub

Press Forward



Anti-Clown Association

Choking Hazards

Quaranting Qappas

A East:

Beast Cost


Team Happy Cloud





Party Time

A West (Double Round Robin Division)

Phoenix Rising Ruby

ReGen Retro

[email protected] Orphans

Minion Miners

B East

Tiny Dancers

Tricky Gooses


The One Tricks

Uncomfortably Numb

Roomba Rotations

Die for Vision

Durotan's Couch

B West

Caffeinated Knights

Aba Murky Cult

Arrogant Nephalem

sOaK eVeRy LaNe



Phoenix Rising Onyx

Spooky Ghosts

C East


Wood League

Ban Cho


Scalding Sweat Cult

death and delay

Team Tiny


C West

Better Than Bots

Amateur Opponents

Randy Newman


Essence Gaming

Resurgence of the Storm

Can't Counterpick Stupid

Team Training Wheels

D East

Xul Gin Distillery

Nexus Cats

Your Math Teachers

Bunker Fun Time

Church of Murky

Derk Throws These

Full Meta Jacket

ProBUs Drift: Cannon Rush

D West

Team Rainbow Strike Go!


Cool Cats and Kittens

Choo Choo Boiz

Read more:  My suggested Probius rework. A focus on gathering and building.

E (Double Round Robin Division)

One More Fight!



The Baddest Dudez

For the teams that didn't make playoffs this season…

Don't stop playing and practicing! Especially if this is your teams first season, now you have a good idea of what to expect. Those teams that seemed unbeatable are most likely moving to another division. Come back to NGS triumphant rather than leaving angry!

It's your time! Seize it!

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