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(Noob Questions) How to deal with less-than-ideal situations?

Content of the article: "(Noob Questions) How to deal with less-than-ideal situations?"

Hi to everyone! First of all, I'm a super noob (like, I never played a MOBA before), but as my group of friends got scattered in different countries and they all played HotS I decided to jump in. And honesty, what a blast! Love the game and the emphasis on the team effort. I'm used to strategy games, so I like to delve a lot in the meta, guides and strategies to understand the best way to play, so I've read the guides posted here and I've seen a lot of streamers, build guides, etc.

So far, my biggest question is… What to do in the less optimal situations? All the guides speak about soaking, positioning, 4-1 rotations, doing camps with some brain… And oh, well. I mean, in an ideal environnment where everyone knows his/her place in the team and how all works, I understand it perfectly. I ABSOLUTELY don't want to sound arrogant or anything, I'm a total noob, like in my last game I chose the wrong heroic, and I play 100% for fun, but I'd also like to improve my game and understand how to play "well". So I'd appreciate some tips in what to do in the following situations. I'm playing on Quick Match, which I understand is less than ideal, but I imagine that maybe I can do something to improve our odds (apart from improving my mechanical skills, which I understand come with practice).

– No one wants to soak. Tricky situation. Had one game playing as ETC, where our D.va (our only bruiser and possible off-laner) charged to a brawl everytime without waiting for anyone. At first I could only try to peel for her, but in the end I had to go to defend the off-lane and let her "engage" with the rest of the team and try to farm some exp to try to get the fights at least with not so much level disadvantage.

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– The opposite. In the next game, playing Malfurion, our Chromie decided to just go bottom all the game, was our only source of burst damage and we lost almost every engage. When we asked if she could just come to fights because we needed the burst, Chromie just said "look at all my siege and exp". Of course we didn't have any major advantage in exp or anything, and in the end the other team pushed her lane and we lost.

– People flame you, I think without knowing your character? I mean, I understand some people are going to be like that, but had another game with Malfurion where (albeit we were ahead, and we won in the end), Sonya flamed me non stop calling me noob and calling me for "not healing" and telling me "just press 1" (?). Noob doesn't offend me, I'm a total noob after all, but well. The first time I explained I had not any burst healing, that it was overtime. She was constantly cleansed and with my Q active on her. At some point she even charged alone into a fort at half health, I q her, then she just died. I'm not asking about how to deal with that kind of people (I have more important problems than arguing with sad people in the internet) but rather how to react gameplay-wise. As Malfurion, honestly I think I just could not save her. Do I just ignore her? She had really good calls after all, going for mercs and boss, and we won, but honestly was a bit meh.

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– Solo lane problems. Had some games playing Chen (love that character, btw), and were some mixed experiences. Tomb of the spider queen, I could do the double soak and I think did pretty well (in my modest possibilities). Then in bigger maps, I tried to just hold the lane but had some problems. First time, we had a tank but he just preferred to do camps and roam around so I just tried to hold the lane everytime against 2-3 opponents. Second time I had to deal all the time with an Azmodan and uh… Didn't go well. I was supposed to just defend against him all the time? Go to the tributes (was Cursed Hollow) and try to win the 4vs5 while he destroyed our top?

– So, it's worth playing Tanks/Healers/Support in that kind of environment? I try because I've had some matchups where we were without a tank/healer, but if as a tank nobody follows (of course I should improve my engagements) or people just ignore how your healing works, it's kind of difficult to influence things.

Hopefully I'm not being reiterative, and will appreciate every advice a lot! See you in the nexus! 🙂

TL/DR: What to do in a very uncoordinated environment as a 100% noob? Join the chaos? Try to play well? I just want to add that I'm not complaining (everyone can play as they want, it's just a game), but rather tips on how to improve my game in this kind of environment.

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