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Not so great healers in lower ranks

Content of the article: "Not so great healers in lower ranks"

So there are several healers that when played in lower ranks, by people of said rank/skill, just don't work, either needing a buff or better yet, something more to help train lower ranked players on how to use them properly.

While climbing though the lower ranks, the following healers just do not work:

  • Deckard

    A great healer and amazing stuns and slows, but in lower ranks, noone is potting on friendlies, they just scatter them across the battlefield. Unless he radiates heals at that point, you may never get a heal all game from a lower ranked deckard as your pots also get stolen by those who don't know to prioritize heals

  • Alexstrasza

    Another healer who has amazing potential and % heals, but in lower ranks, the circle is never cast in the correct position, you'll be lucky at best if you see a lifebinder or life unbound at the very least. If they take the orb quest, it is rarely ever finished by the end of the match post lv 20. None of these problems plague the upper ranks with her though.

  • Auriel

    Potentially one of the best healers in the game when in the hands of higher ranked/skilled players. Auri suffers in the lower ranks due to players not knowing how to prioritize her trait on other heroes, or leave it on not realizing the out of range. Her Resurrect is also the go to talent in lower ranked play which tends to do more harm than good, be it self resing after being surrounded, or giving a team mate a res who was already too deep and also still surrounded

There are others like Tyrande, or Ana, but these are because they are either rare to see in lower ranked play, or because of skillcap for the player using them not being able to land skillshots.

While I don't know the actual fix for this, I do know that these healers in lower ranked play suffer from skill/knowledge cap issues that do not effect upper ranked play, and that at some point in the middle there are a stagnant pool of individuals who take awhile to adapt between the two very different ranked play styles colliding.

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