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Old Ana Thoughts

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Ok, this may just be me but I'd love to know what others think.

I play a lot of Ana, I love the entire idea of the hero.

I like a lot of what new Ana has brought, but I really really miss old Ana if I'm honest.

I miss the 3 quests.

I miss being able to heal at full potential without being slowed.

I miss super long-range grenade

I miss old Ana because she felt way more active to play, you were doing more things.

Ana's drawback is that she can't escape and in the rework they made it so if you want to heal more than one person at a time you must be in trait and slowed, I get that it's like a risk/reward type thing but I don't see any other healer having to disable themselves that much to heal their best. I would really love if the trait slow got nerfed or the cooldown between going in/out of it was reduced, it's just way too much immobility for someone with only sleep dart to help escape. The amount of times I've died due to people being woken up immediately is absurd.

I have thought about this a lot. I had a lot more fun with this hero when she has her old talent tree, it felt good to earn detachable box magazine or grenade buff. The trait sort of "merged" a few of the old talents into it so they added new talents to the tree, some of which are great and others.. not so much.

I know they may never see this or care, but I hope the devs give Ana some love, she feels so…. dull to play now. I miss moving at full walking speed and getting into fights aggressively and playing WITH the team. Now all I need to do is sit in the back and run away if someone dives.

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Ana by nature is an offensive healer, you don't have a "Defensive" Heroic like Anduin or Lucio, she is supposed to move with the team and if you want to heal at maximum potential you cant keep up with a push since you have that annoying 25% slow and/or the cooldown between turning it on/off, the bonus range helps but I honestly just want to be able to move with the team and heal as much as I can.

Sorry for the rant but I really miss old Ana and I'd love to know if any of you feel the same way or feel like new Ana is better.

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