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People don’t agree with Yrel nerf there some stats

Content of the article: "People don’t agree with Yrel nerf there some stats"

So people don't agree with my thread https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/ha7jyj/when_yrel_is_going_to_be_nerf/

So i will show u with Method Mayhem Cup 3 (16th June) some stats ( i may do the first 2 cup after)

The best way to see high elo meta (almost the meta in master )

Everytime yrel is picked or banned will give 1 point.

First turn :

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10424 no yrel

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10428 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10430 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10432 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10440 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10444 no yrel


Second turn :

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10455 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10456 yrel banned

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10457 yrel picked (but a team FF during match so no replay )

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10459 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10460 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10458 yrel banned

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10461 no yrel

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10462 no yrel

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10463 yrel banned

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10464 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10466 no yrel

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10467 no yrel

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10468 yrel banned

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10469 no yrel

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10470 yrel picked


Third turn :

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10471 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10472 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10474 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10475 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10476 yrel picked

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10477 no yrel

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10478 yrel picked


Quarter-final : (BO3 so there is 2-3 game in each link)

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10479 2 games : yrel 2 time banned

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10480 3 games : yrel picked 3 times

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10481 2 games : yrel picked 2 times

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10482 2 games : yrel banned and picked


Semi-final :

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10479 2 games : yrel banned 2 times

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10480 3 games : yrel picked 3 times


Final :

https://heroeslounge.gg/match/view/10485 4 games : yrel 2 times banned 2 times picked


on a total of 46 games yrel is picked or banned 38 times (83 %)

(26 games played 11 times banned) (+ 1 ff at start )

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but i know u guys will tell me that the pick rate doesn't mean she is op

time to watch her winrate on this tournament i know its not a lot of game but it still give some idea

we have 17 win with yrel for 9 loose so it give her a winrate of 65 %.

That it for me.

Source: reddit.com

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