Heroes of the Storm

Play Deadman’s Stand Heroic (old PvE Brawl) in Singleplayer: Dead-simple modpack

Edit: Added AI teammates/opponents, although no guarantees on them doing anything.. Added Punisher Arena, Garden Arena, Temple Arena, regular difficulty Deadman's Stand, Snow Brawl (except this last one only seems to visually crash after the loading screen), see below…

Hi all, to play this old Brawl, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1T4xPu0Sz54qJTfSH1clKpFY6svqxUuMO?usp=sharing

  2. Right click "maps" at the top (just underneath the search bar) and then click "Download," you need the ENTIRE top level folder ("maps") with this exact directory structure and everything

  3. Put it in your Heroes of the Storm folder (by default C:Program Files (x86)Heroes of the Storm on Windows, or /Applications/Heroes of the Storm/ on Mac)

  4. You don't even have to restart the game or log out or anything for it to work if it was already open when you moved this

  5. Go to the Veteran Challenge (after logging in, gear icon in the bottom right -> Challenges -> Play)

  6. This file replaces the Veteran Challenge with Deadman's Stand (Heroic), albeit in Single Player Mode with no ally AI for now

  7. For the first 2 mentioned in the edit above, respectively, simply click "Tutorials" and select the appropriate one of the two, which has also been replaced.

  8. For Temple Arena, simply access Try Mode, which I've replaced. Rename any of the .stormmap files to get the real Try Mode or any of the Tutorials/Challenges back as usual immediately incidentally E.g. rename it the name of the Brawl, then when you want to play it again switch it to the single player map name.

  9. For the others/any future additions (also in the folder and with informative titles, but won't be usable as is) you need to swap out with one of the slots I've used. Just change the ones I've already given a specific tutorial/try mode title to anything else (e.g. the actual name of the Brawl it represents), then change the name of Regular Deadman's Stand or whatever else I mentioned to the one you swapped out.

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Please post here if you have any issues, I can also eventually add all of the other old/unused Maps/Brawls that are in the game files if anyone has requests. I think there's a pretty simple way to add AI teammates/opponents to them as well, for all the help the current butchered AI gives. Should be possible somehow to support other Heroes besides just the old ones that were enabled for this Brawl at the time. I know people would love Multiplayer but it's not easy to do since multiplayer modes are pretty locked down. We would probably need a cracked launcher to bypass login/Blizzard servers and a private Server for that and I've never done that before.

This wouldn't be possible without Kanma on Github doing the hard part of deobfuscating Blizz CASC files https://github.com/Kanma/CASCExtractor

As well as his MPQ Extractor to get at the actual map files. Also with some tips and inspiration from /u/Spazzo965 I've seen on this subreddit, especially removing Uther's voicelines that carried over from the tutorial.

Source: reddit.com

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