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Potato guide to get out of bronze

Content of the article: "Potato guide to get out of bronze"

First, a little about me. Been playing ranked for a few years and spent most of it in gold. A while back I took a trip to Germany for work and during that trip I dropped down to bronze. Mostly because I don't play as well on my laptop but I was also playing at weird times and had an abnormal amount of trolls. After returning to the states I couldn't rank up. I decided to test if it was my skill or just "bronze hell", looking back it was a little of both. Using a fresh account, I placed silver and stabilized in gold. Was gold for a few seasons then went up to plat. With this huge confidence boost I decided to get my original account out of bronze and it took two seasons. Both accounts now gold. Now I just want to share some of the tips I used as well as some of my observations.

Step one- play fewer heroes This one is pretty simple playing fewer heroes give you a chance to be better with those heroes. You can add more heros ass you get better. I recommend about 8 total, 4 in your main role and the rest to cover other roles. These heros should not be niche heros but should be well rounded and easy to play. They should be heroes that fit a majority of team comps.

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Step two- stop picking heroes that force your team to change how they play. You might be a God with TLV Abby or Murky but if your team thinks your trolling your gonna have a bad day. Save these heros for after bronze.

Step three- show your picks in draft and fill when needed Nobody wants a 5 assassin comp. And if your team is showing the current meta or op heros let them have it.

Step four- ban what your rank can't play around In bronze this might be heros like KT and Butcher.

Step five- soak everything The easiest way to stay on par with the enemy while your team is committing suicide mid.

Step six- stop dying This one is self explanatory, if you die less you give away less exp. So watch the mini-map and don't get ganked. Stop picking unfavorable fights. And stop committing suicide to save someone whose gonna die anyways.

Step seven- get camps on cooldown Only in bronze. Don't worry about camps with obj because your team won't do anything with the advantage anyways.

Step 8- go to all obj and follow team even when it's the wrong call Ping retreat if it's wrong but follow anyways. If you don't go and the team gets wiped they will blame you and probably throw the rest of the game.

Step 9- stop typing If your typing your not playing and nobody cares what you have to say anyways.

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