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Qhiras lvl 16 talents could use some work

Qhiras lvl 16 talents are currently dominated by booming kick and for a good reason. It eliminates a big weakness of her spin. Pre 16 people can just clump around the spin target and wait for her to stop spinning and punish her. Booming kick punishes that by stunning them if they get to close. Furthermore an almost team wide stun is powerfull. This makes the talent nearly mandatory.

Lets look at the other 16 talents now:

Lingering Ailment doesnt give her more survivability or evasiveness but it gives raw dmg. Sadly it currently has Anti synergy with itself. When your swing connects your target loses armor. You are then incentivized to keep spinning to spread the armor reduction to targets around your primary target but since the kick reactivation doesnt reduce armor again you want to reactivate your spin rather quickly or your damage wont benefit from the armor reduction at all. Making the reactivation reduce armor again would eliminate that issue. Furthermore giving this talent a Giant killer component on top of it would solidify the talent as an anti tank option and fit nicely into the basic attack build. You could also rename the talent to Attack on Giant then which would be wonderfull. 😉

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Swing life away tries to eliminate the weakness of spin by giving spell armor and reducing the cooldown of the spin. While the armor is nice the cooldown reduction only works if you spin for a while maxing out at a 6 second cooldown on her spin. But a prolonged spin lets the target reposition and gives the healer of their team ample opportunity to give the target a cleanse leaving qhira in a very vulnerable position. All of this just for some cooldown reduction and for the hope of hiting some secondary targets. To make the talent more exciting and give it a niche to shine in I would give Qhira a talent that gives her the ability to reverse the spin direction and resetting the duration which would make it possible to hit targets multiple times which in turn helps her other spin related talents that count secondary targets hit.

This would leave her lvl 16 with her still amazing aoe cc option, a dmg amp and tank busting option and a increased spin duration, more secondary targets hit E build option.

Lastly lets take a look at her lvl 4 spin talent. Ensnaring Swing has to compete with 2 excellent survivabillity options and while this can work on a less mobile Hero (see Ragnaros lvl 4) Qhira doesnt need the slow to stick to her target. So instead I would suggest replacing it with the following talent:

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If Revolving Sweep is interrupted (target dies, becomes unstoppable or time stopped) the cooldown of Revolving Sweep is reset. This can happen only every 30 seconds.

Currently Qhiras biggest counter is drafting unstoppable effects. Since the spin stops immeadiately when the target becomes unstoppable the enemy can shut down Qhiras main survivabillity tool and leave her in a bad position. Giving her a talent like this might require some baseline nerfs but should make her less feast or famine and easier to draft.

TLDR: Booming kick needs some spicy competition and Ensaring Swing should be replaced


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