Heroes of the Storm

QM maphacking team.

So I was planning on making a video on an account that in my opinion was blatantly hacking, started taking notes and everything. After confronting the person and the guy just baits and says "jajajaj jijijiji I am master this is a level 1500 smurf, if you have proof report me" in spanish…. now I want to record footage from the replay to do just that with NCH Suite, but I can't because I was banned.

That same "I am a master smurf" coming from a Kelthuzad that had below 50% winrate in QM since 2016 over hundreds of games, and a level 160ish Zuljin with even lower QM winrate over even more games. (and no SL on either)

So I decided to quit the game, but before that I want to ride the wave of "they forgot about HotS" and show you guys why I'm quitting.

I'm from South America (which has its own servers in Brazil that share a ladder with NA) and people in these servers are too toxic, they use racial slurs and go unpunished, meanwhile the people who don't int and barely rage with coarse language after being baited by said racial slurs or inters are repeatedly banned. I've been posting in HotS forums to ask them to take action, but I believe It backfired miserably and the people Blizzard hired in the South American servers are playing favorites with their friends and are simply drunk on power. I've been playing since beta and I've always seen racists, inters, and hackers go unpunished because they are always active. Imo only half the people in a conversation being banned is unnatural, specially when the side getting banned is the side that's reacting to slurs.

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So here's the best next thing since I can't watch the replay anymore to record footage, I'll just produce the replay itself along with the notes that I was taking on the replay to edit into the footage, which are incomplete, but are better than nothing, and upload the replay for you guys to judge. Mixed in with a little of what I was going to post initially.


Lastly I raged a bit inside the replay because our healer refused to coordinate or even communicate, I'm not perfect, but like I said I've seen and experienced much worse even on streams. If it hurts anyone's sensibilities I sincerely apologize.. in fact I keep all my replays, I have 700 replays on my current SDD and still have an old HDD full of around 3K replays, not that they are of any use since Blizzard disabled the old version replays, but some of the profanities in them would disturb even HP Lovecraft, so yeah, an honest individual can only take so much exposure to racism, and toxicity.

PS: Congratulations Blizzard, you just lost an honest supporter that never ints even when angry, who's been here since Beta, and has been buying your games since Warcraft 1…

Dropping HotS in the backburner is the worst thing you have done to your fanbase, even worse than all the decisions in W3 Reforged.

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