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QoL of live + general improvement ideas hots

hi all

below are some ideas that I can see being added to the game. They would, in my opinion, help improve the overal quality of matches and the UI. Let me know what you think and what you would add/remove/improve/do different!! Some ideas would take a lot of work to implement though and, therefor might not be realistic to implement.

hero stat panel
give all heroes a stat panel, that is shown during draft / hero selection, maybe as a pop-up when you hover over a hero. See below example of Vala (remember, it's just an example). red means her base power, orange her power after talents, not sure if this is the correct way to go.
maybe it can even give the team a name, depending on the involved characters and composition of the team: 'burst comp', 'hypercarry comp', 'wombo combo', … this is of course more subjective and might be a bad idea.
every time somebody drafts a hero this way in ranked or unranked you can summarize the stats in a 'team stat panel' so the team knows what are the strenghts/weaknesses. Maybe add in another lighters color what you would add to the team stats during your selection (to see what your hero would 'add' to the team).

what do you think of below stats?

  • sustain damage
  • burst damage
  • PVE damage (waveclear, siege damage, camp clear)
  • range
  • CC
  • healing power (self-heals, healing on others, shields, …)
  • survivability (HP, armor bonusses, defense buffs, team buffs boost the utility category)
  • utility (buffs for others, displacements)
  • mobility (only applies to self, team mobility buffs fall in the utility category)
  • heroic power (power of the 2 heroic choises + their upgrade)
  • …?
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example Valla (in paint..):


above suggestion would help new players see what the team needs, and what the other team lacks or is vulnerable against. It would help new players improve their insight in drafting / hero selection / team comps. It would also finally be visible in the hero selection screen if a character is a mage or an auto attacker, maybe we could even sort on these stats. Of course cases will come up of two – five characters cominbed having terrible 'team stats' but being good, or even meta, but this does not matter, it gives insight. Also, imagine the discussions that would happen about the stats 🙂

QM 5v5 assasin problem

i don't mind healing/tanking in QM, but that doesn't mean i'm always going to be choosing a healer or tank in QM. Especially tank, because they are not fun without a healer. If we could have the choise to fill, for example by choosing 3 heroes during QM selection:

  • a tank or bruiser
  • a healer
  • a damage dealer

then, by giving us 10 seconds similar to brawl to choose/discuss our hero before the match starts. (with or without seeing the map).

this would give people who don't like 5v5 assassin clown fiestas to change to healer/tank if they so desire. I would personally change to healer/tank to improve the match if i had the choise.

stats are fun!!

We all played with players who only care about being MVP, or only look at their stat panel all game long. Heck, i've done and do it. Instead of 'solving' this by removing stats in game, we can maybe improve it by adding extra stats to the aking these stats visible during the game could encourage them to contribute more.

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therefor, it would be fun for me if we could see how much somebody contributed to the objective in the in game score screen. I feel this would improve the overal state of the game.

possible stat examples:

  • on point time % on Volskaya
  • turned in coins on BhB
  • assisted with taking the tribute on cursed hollow

if would also be fun if camp damage is visible. To see who contributed to camps.
This damage should only be visible to your team. As this is a way to spyif your opponents are doing camps . maybe we can make the enemy's camp contribution visible in the final screen though, to show who contributed most in total.

stats are fun pt.2

following on above, it would be interesting if we improved the stats panel in view profile. It could be a lot deeper then it currently is.

make it viewable which roll/which character you win with on which map. So like the current "Map record" in "statistics" but further expanded on.

add average, max and min done of every stat on every map with every char and make sure you can see summaries only per map, and only per char as well. I would certainly use this.

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downside for this is that it could stress the servers more. More hard drive capacity might be needed for the database, possibly slowing this database in the process, because it has to hold so many more records. nothing that cannot be solved by throwing money against it though 😛


I don't really like this map personally. I think, for the overal fun of the map, the turn in point should be changed to only spawn at certain intervals (every 2 or 2.30 minutes?). and leave again after turn in. this might force more teamfights. Maybe make the objective stronger, but require more coins, to allow longer pauzes between the intervals. This would change the map to being more similar to the other maps, while still being unique enough.

what do you think?

thanks for your time!


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