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Quickmatch games are tiring when rest of your team are always heroes that hide in safety all the time

Content of the article: "Quickmatch games are tiring when rest of your team are always heroes that hide in safety all the time"

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In normal draft games with an actual team comp, everyone shares the burden of tanking for the team. There is usually at least 2 frontliners and perhaps 1-2 mid or closed ranged assassins who all contribute to taking damage and drawing enemy attention.

But playing heroes like Kharazim or kerrigan in quickmatch, you quickly realise every single game your entire team has no bodies that can be hit and you're basically the only one ever taking damage.

Look at the most typical and popular quickmatch heroes:

  1. Li-ming, 2 screens away pressing buttons, never gets hit by anything
  2. Abathur, afk in base
  3. Nova, never gets hit by anything (dies in 0.1 seconds when hit by anything anyway)
  4. Chromie, 2 screens away pressing buttons
  5. Tracer, never gets hit by anything

The only popular heroes in the top 10 popularity that can be hit by stuff are tassadar, butcher and kael'thas (and tassadar has pretty long range anyway)

So if you're playing any kind of melee hero (e.g. kharazim, artanis etc) or even mid-ranged hero (e.g. jaina, guldan) that can actually get hit, you quickly realise you're basically tanking all the enemy team's damage every single fight, and no one else is there to split the burden of taking damage for the team.

Playing main tank jaina every game is not that fun. There's probably no real solution to this, everyone gravitates towards heroes that can remain in complete safety so their teammates can take the damage for them while they get all the kills and glory.

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I would say we could at least give some incentive on the statboard for contribution in terms of having a body near the enemies, that takes damage and is actually at risk of dying.

Players who have to constantly take the risk of dying for their team should be recognised for their contribution.

The only thing we had in the past was the damage taken stat. That was flawed (all stats are flawed in their own way) but it was the best we had and I wish that could come back in some form (perhaps an improved form) to encourage more players to play heroes that actually have to take risks and dodge skillshots with their bodies, and actually interact with the enemy heroes.

Because I could start playing a hero with no body too like junkrat or probius. But let's face it, no one enjoys 5v5 games where everyone is playing hide and seek and there's never any concrete body that can be hit and everyone is poking each other from 3 screens away out of vision range of each other, waiting to see whether it's chromie who will get lucky with a 999 range sandblast snipe or li-ming who hits with a max range orb+missiles.

TLDR: Any possible way to improve the quickmatch experience? Should the damage taken stat come back in some improved form?

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