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Quit a long time ago. Came back and it’s still impossible to climb playing healer

Content of the article: "Quit a long time ago. Came back and it’s still impossible to climb playing healer"

So I played a long time ago, I think I stopped around the time Fenix was released. Back then in hero league, I was silver. I was an ARAM in minions kinda guy. I made posts raging how it was impossible to climb even though I got top DPS or tons of healing. Eventually I stopped playing because of school and other game interests.

I started watching a lot of comp videos and decided to get back into the game. I did my placements back in season 3 and placed in plat 4. I was super excited. I started focusing more on what I could do to be better and playing more macro-like. I played mostly bruiser and healer, and climbed up to plat 2. Towards the end of season 3 I had a WR of 55%, and then I went on a huge loss streak in the last week and ended the season in plat 5. Every game had someone throw, probably because it was the end of the season.

This season, I decided on trying only climb playing healer. I still flex to bruiser sometimes, but I've mostly just been playing healer. I placed plat 4, and now I'm gold 1. My WR is 35%. There's no more macro play. The difference between plat 2 and gold 1 in terms of game sense is astonishing. I've had games where we win a TF in a landslide. Instead of pushing my team will all go sit on obj. I'll pull people with Anduin and watch them go back in and die. I'll root an enemy chasing an ally who's gonna die, then they try to fight. I'll cleanse someone and watch them stand still.

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I don't want to have to only play rehgar to make up for my allies lack of camps. I'm sick of solo laning as a healer. I didn't have to do these things in mid-high plat. I looked up in this subreddit "healers climb" and there's so many comments about how impactful healers are. In reality it's not true in lower leagues, your damage dealers are who really have highest potential impact. A few clutch heals will never be worth more than a DPS killing 2 heroes.

/rant. give healers more impactful laning/camping so Rehgar isn't the only viable healer in lower leagues.

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