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Ranged meta in Diamond+ leagues

Content of the article: "Ranged meta in Diamond+ leagues"


Ranged meta is a specific problem only in Diamond+ leagues, and it's much worse in Masters+. Most popular heroes – (long)ranged DD (Li-ming, Hanzo, Chromie, Tassadar, Sylvanas) or anti ranged tanks (Diablo, E.T.C., Muradin). First non-antiranged melee is Sonya (19th place).

Here's proofs: https://www.heroesprofile.com/Global/Hero/?timeframe_type=minor&timeframe=,,

Also, ranged DD is the best role for climbing. In the current EU GM leaderboard, i saw 39 ranged DD mains (>50% games), 5 tank mains, 9 melee DD mains and 13 bruiser mains.



Heroes of the Storm never designed for counter ranges. We have many specific anti melee mechanics (percent damage, AoE and reward for 2+ heroes hit), but we don't have anti ranged mechanics (reward for hitting low-HP hero, hitbox debuff, vision debuff with acceptable range). When half of mechanics works bad, and you are forced to be ranged/anti ranged, it's not fun at all.


Ranged is a balanced role for Bronze-Platinum, and I don't want to overnerf them. It's problem with game design:

  • Remove Medallions and think about other ways to solve CC-problem (unique anti-CC talents, more uninterruptible spells). Selfcleanse is a great buff for ranged heroes (except KTZ), because they lack predictable CC. And it's nerf for all tanks/half of melee DD. In Diamond+, this buff is really terrible. When you are not brawling for nothing, and you force 5-7 fights in the game, 300s cd is enough for making 3-5 fights (especially last fight) like a clown fiesta.
  • Allow tanks and melee to dive under keeps. We can start with removing armor debuff.
  • Rebalance ranged heroes:
  1. Li-ming: move mana regen from Triumvirate to Zei's Vengeance.
  2. Sylvanas: nerf Windranner. Decrease window between E from 5s to 3s.
  3. Tassadar: rework Archon. In SC2, archons are bruisers. Increase AA damage, but decrease AA range to 4m.
  4. Cassia: nerf 7 lvl. Surge of Light is still OP.
  5. Ana: increase Nano cd from 70s to 100s, buff 1-7 unpopular lvls and AA damage.
  6. Hanzo: add 0,5s cast time for his D, reduce cd from 30s to 20s, increase HP to 5%.
  7. Brightwing: remove heal from Invisible Friends.
  • Add anti ranged mechanics.
  • Rework or buff anti ranged heroes (Valeera, Illidan, Samuro, etc)
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