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Rework patch reaction (and a little bit on skins.)

Content of the article: "Rework patch reaction (and a little bit on skins.)"

I thought I'd make a thread for some initial reactions to the patch; mostly about the reworks to Gazlowe and D.Va.

– After a few games, I think the D.Va rework is an unqualified success. She feels much more dynamic to play and all of her abilities feel like they accomplish something, rather than the fraction of something that they often used to feel like. Her basic waveclear is now decent so she can compete as a solo laner like a real bruiser and the melding of Big Shot with Pilot mode gives her the genuine dual flavor that I think was the original intent and which never really came off. I will say that, other than Target Locked, I'm still a little lukewarm on a lot of the Matrix talents, but I'm willing to try them and see what I'm missing.

– OTOH, I'm a bit more muted on Gazlowe. The dramatic nerfs to the Turrets is a huge change. If you go for the Q build, they can be really good. But if you don't go with the Q build, they seem almost totally superfluous. As in, "perhaps not even worth the risk to place them" superfluous. You're often just better off getting in to swing a couple times with the AA build, drop a bomb, Lazor to get some healing, and then try to dance out. Stopping to click down a Turret means you'll often take more risk (and, thus, more damage) than seems wise. Again, going Q build seems like the Gazlowe of old, where you can destroy lanes and walls and forts… as long as no one threatens you. But the new Gaz still seems like the old one, in which most players didn't use the W because it was too risky with too little effect. That's the Q now unless you go all Turret talents.

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It is, of course, only the first day so there's still a lot to work out.

– As for the event/skins, I have to say that I'm kinda underwhelmed like a few others have posted. I have tons of Arthas skins. Do I need one more for 900 gems or 1800 shards? Not really, especially given that it doesn't seem to bring any new visual effects to his abilities. Likewise, I have a ton of Artanis skins. There are a lot of other heroes that don't have nearly as many as those two. Icecrown Starcraft is a cool idea, in general, but not quite earthshaking in execution.

So, the reworks are much appreciated, especially since one of them was a surprise. But I'm eager to hear what others' experience has been.

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