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Road to Mastery: Tassadar

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Hey guys,

I've been working on getting all my toons to level 15. It's been a slower process recently because work has been shitting in my head and all I have brain energy for anymore is ARAM. BUT! I just recently passed the threshold with Tassadar. (I actually like ARAMing because it randomly generates toons and lets me work with them in a teamfight capacity with more safety. It's nice. But I digest.)

TASSADAR! Remember him when he was more a support toon? Shieldy boy? Now he *fucks people up.* Please God don't take anything I'm saying that seriously. I'm really just riffing and I want to talk about Tassadar, and if you want to clap back, to teach me a fucking lesson, you go right ahead boo.

It really does seem like you should straight up take Shock Ray talents basically 100% of the time. (Controversy!) The only possible exception I can think of is if you are against a team which is dead set on diving your ass. Then you might want to maintain distance and use your psi storm build. Stay away, zone, be a pain, soak, lay down thunder when they engage on someone who isn't you. That's pretty nice. The rest of the time? You should fire lightning into their souls and make them realize that they've made huge mistakes with their lives.

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The basic attack build is junk. Which is a shame. It has all the pieces to be good, I just don't think it's tuned properly to be good. It also has real counter-synergy with it's natural ult; Archon. The fact that you have to self root and throw out a leash that leads the enemy directly to you, added on to the fact that it has a slow buildup to full energy, which then results in extreme tickle damage, and then when you ult, all the talents you pumped up your basic attack with just vanish, is just bad overall.

There's lots of ways to shake this bad boy out. Simply making Archon synergize with basic attack talents would be a massive improvement. But you could up the damage. Up the range. Up the charge time on the basic. There's lots of ways to tune this so it's actually a proper threat instead of kind of annoying. As it stands, the basic attack build can only win if your team was probably going to win anyway. If your team is struggling, you're going to struggle with it.

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And compare it to the other two viable builds; Shock Ray can chunk multiple people extremely hard, from a better distance than the basic attack build, and Psi Storm build grants you range and evasion you will simply never get with a basic attack build. It's just really really really weird that Tassadar's basic attack build requires him to be closer, take larger risks, but gives almost no rewards. It seems like a meme build on purpose, and it could be way better pretty easily.

Anyway, These are my thoughts, for what they're worth. GLHF out there boys and girls!

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