Heroes of the Storm

Say that we got Fighters of the Storm, and each character had a super move akin to what you see in Injustice 2 or Mortal Kombat 10/11. What would you have the super move be?

Injustice 2 has some damn stylish and brutal super moves. Some of my personal favorites are Atrocitus, Black Adam, and The Flash.

Mortal Kombat also has some really brutal Fatal Blows, but I hesitate to show those here. I will, however, show Spawn's FB.

Now, picture that we had a HotS fighting game like Injustice 2 or MKX/MK11. What Super Moves would you give to specific characters?

Note that this does not include Fatalities. I don't think Blizzard would want to see any of their characters violently dismembered.

Here are a few examples of my own.


Tracer speeds through her enemy, sending them spinning in circles like what The Flash does to start his Super. In the process, she sticks a Pulse Bomb to her enemy's back. Before it detonates, Tracer makes several super-speed passes at her enemy, each one landing a punch or kick, until finally she does a jump-kick to the enemy's chest, kicking them away a second before the Pulse Bomb blows.


Hanzo starts by delivering a jump-kick to his enemy that knocks them into a wall. He immediately follows up with a Scatter Arrow to the ground, the extra arrows all piercing his enemy's limbs and pinning them to the wall. Then, as his opponent stares helplessly at him, he unleashes a Dragonstrike at them at point-blank range.


Li-Ming opens up with a Wave of Force, sending her enemy flying back. She then casts a Slow Time bubble that catches her enemy and suspends them helpless within it. She creates four Mirror Images of herself that arrange themselves around the time bubble in a pentagon formation, with the image of a star appearing on the ground linking her and her Mirror Images. She then says "Have a taste of the Arcane!" before she and all her Mirror Images unleash a Disintegrate beam into her hapless victim, Li-Ming laughing gleefully all the while.


Thrall first summons a whirlwind under his foe, knocking them airborne where they are caught by a giant stone hand that crushes them in its grip. Thrall then summons a powerful lightning bolt to fry his adversary.
If used on Garrosh, the two make their famous final exchange from World of Warcraft if the super move results in a KO.


Orphea sucks her adversary into her coffin, where they are chomped on by dozens of her eldritch creatures. She finishes by releasing a chaotic blast into her enemy that sends them flying out of the coffin.


Alarak unleashes a brutal blade combo on his enemy, taunting them throughout it, and finishes by unleashing his red Psionic lighting, mocking them with with his laughter.


Diablo first body slams his opponent, sending them flying into a wall. He then stomps the ground, summoning a Bone Prison around his victim. He then unleashes his Lightning Breath into them, walking menacingly toward them as he does. Upon reaching them, he stops his Lightning Breath, grabs his opponent, and then tosses them aside.

So, who would you want to be playable, and what kind of super combo would you give them?


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