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”In the rear, with the gear!”

Bill “Pearly” Bosquette, the SCV Pilot – Melee Tank

Basic Attacks: Pearly hits things with his drill for low damage at average speed(1/s).

Z – On The Clock – Passive: Pearly does not mount up normally. Active: Activate to toggle between Overtime Mode and Hazard Mode. Overtime Mode gives +15% movespeed. Hazard Mode gives +15 armor. 10s cooldown.

D – Supply Depot – After a three-second channel, construct a supply depot on the targeted location within melee range. If a Depot already exists, this ability instead retracts and raises it. The Depot is destructible by the enemy team and can be retracted and raised to allow or block pathing. The Depot lasts until destroyed or salvaged. 1s cooldown.

1 – Salvage – Destroy your Depot at any range.

Q – Percussive Maintenance – Pearly lurches forward a short distance, shoulder-checking all enemies in a small arc, lightly damaging them, knocking them back, and stunning them for 0.5 seconds. 8s cooldown.

”What’s the matter? You run out of marines?”

W – Power Drill – Activate to toggle the SCV’s drill. While drilling, Pearly’s attacks consume mana, are much faster(4/s), splash to nearby enemies for full damage, and inflict a stacking 5% slow to enemies hit for four seconds, stacking up to 80%. 2s cooldown.

E – Clamp Down – The SCV clamps down, becoming unstoppable, switches to Hazard Mode, gains an additional 15 armor(stacking with Hazard Mode) and cannot move for up to five seconds. After two seconds, Clamp Down can be reactivated to unclamp early. Doing so costs mana. 15s cooldown, beginning when activated.

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R1 – Coolant Dump – Pearly purges his SCV’s coolant, creating a spreading pool of boiling liquid at its feet, gaining a moderate shield, and stunning himself for one second. This pool persists for four seconds, during which time enemies that step in it take damage over time and are slowed by 50% for four seconds. This slow stacks with the slow from Power Drill. 60s cooldown.

R2 – Heaven Piercing Giga Drill – After a brief windup, Pearly charges forward, drill-first, doing moderate damage and charging through enemies in a straight line. Enemies damaged this way are slowed by 40% for four seconds. The first enemy damaged this way takes much more damage and is stunned for 1.5 seconds. 80s cooldown.

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