Heroes of the Storm

Serious Talk: can we finally show the ‘dead game’ trolls the door?

It's been almost two years since the Brack letter that kicked off so much lambasting of this game from the internet at large.

In that time, since December 13th 2018, there has been:

  • 27 patches, not including hotfixes
  • 5 heroes, including freaking Deathwing
  • 8 events including the Scarlet Heist and Dark Nexus II
  • Dozens upon dozens of new skins and mounts
  • At least six reworks including Xul, Samuro, Tassadar (including new modelling and animations), Cassia, Tracer, Mal'ganis
  • Over 31,000,000 hours watched on Twitch
  • Over 13,436,000 views on YouTube
  • Two major gameplay updates in experience orbs and tower aggro
  • Various minor feature updates including talent favouriting and mastery rings
  • Over $300,000 in prize money distributed across various eSports tournaments including HeroesLounge, HeroesHype, HotS League Revival and more

The main gem of this game however has always been its passionate community, and during this time I have also really enjoyed watching things like

, WTF Moments, the phenomenally good Into the Nexus podcast, and reading the discussions and artwork that are so often produced on this subreddit.

It is therefore a real shame to see the troll comments that pockmark so many Twitch chats and YouTube comments find their way onto this friendly and welcoming subreddit. Considering the game's journey since Brack's letter, these are not meaningful and authentic discussions – they are at best unconstructive criticism and at worst, direct attempts to attack someone else's hobby for the sake of it.

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In light of the newly updated Reddit Content Policy, specifically Rule 2 "do not … interfere with or disrupt Reddit communities", I therefore ask the mods to consider these dead game posts for what they are, inflammatory and disruptive comments that have no place on this subreddit.

Source: reddit.com

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