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Simple Tips for New Players

I have played with a surprising number of new players in HotS in the last few weeks. I had been mostly playing ARAM and it seems like you get matched with a wide variety of players because I keep getting matched with a mixed bag of level 1,000 and level 50 accounts. I've been playing since 2018 and the newer people really stand out so I've offered some suggestions and these are the ones that have been most thanked for:

  • Make your cursor bigger. I was playing with a person who hadn't played in years and couldn't keep track of where he was clicking in team fights. I suggested going into options and making his cursor huge and the improvement in his play was immediately noticeable.
  • Mute other players. If you go into the scoreboard there is a chat box symbol, click on it if someone is being a jerk and you won't have to deal with it anymore.
  • A staggering number of the new players have been on Jaina. Stay well back and lead with your Q (Frostbolt) and follow up with your E (Cone) and hold your W (Blizzard) for creeps or if an enemy player gets stunned or rooted. I've suggested this three times now in QM and ARAM games and each time the person immediately improves.
  • Play with your spellcasting preferences but I highly suggest getting used to playing with everything on release to start. The extra click without quick cast is a lot to manage when you're starting out but you still want to see what you're doing to get used to the range and shape of abilities.
  • Do less. It's simple but effective in a lot of situations especially against other mediocre players like me. A lot of people get into a game and blow all their mana without accomplishing anything, if you just wait patiently a lot of the time someone will get stunned or rooted or slowed and then you can go crazy.
  • Ping (G+click and drag) where you are going. I like to ping where I'm going after every death or back and a lot of players will change what they are doing based on that ping. Later on once you get used to the muscle memory of pinging at all you can do more with it.
  • Alt+click on your own skills and health and mana to let people know which skills aren't ready and if you're low on anything. I like to do this if I think we're getting into a fight, most people will ignore the information but sometimes it's critical.
  • Finally, find a goal or hero you like and you will enjoy your time in the game more. I started playing HOTS after a lot of Starcraft 2 and since I am a Zerg main I spent most of my first few months just gathering up all the Starcraft heroes and playing them to death. It gave me something to work toward and improve at and helped me get over the hump of having no idea what the hell I was doing.
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