Heroes of the Storm

So, dear devs, what can we expect from now on?

Ey, boys and girls.

My two previous threads in this subreddit have had a great reaction -and they were completely improvised-, but the honeymoon has to end, because the conclusion is going to be uglier (and will receive way less upvotes, surely) than the hollowing meme and the "stuff Blizzard said" compilation.

In the first post, I mocked my own desperation because of the weird patch cadence and lack of event the past few months. In the second, I argumented why people are right to be worried, since Blizzard have never said the game is done for good. Some people think I was trying to defend Blizzard or fight the doomsayers. That wasn't it. I was saying our frustration is understandable. That was my real point.

So, if any dev is wondering why is part of the community restless, I'd say:

If we have to expect an ever slower cadence from now on, we'd like to know. Going from patches every 3-4 weeks to 6-7 without any explanation is concerning, specially when the obvious consequence of said thing being permanent would be not only less balance but also less new content. Which means the game being and feeling more stale in every possible way.

If you prolong an already pretty long ranked season after a non-existant Winter event, meaning no new event in over 8 months, we'd like to know if it's really just an "ebb" or there's something more going on.

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If the development team has been butchered again, we'd like to know.

If the Classic Team reorganization has hit or affected the Heroes Team somehow, we'd like to know.

If it's just some restructuration plus the result of Adam Jackson's substitute taking some time to adjust to his new position, you could say it and we all would feel better. But if it's the opposite and this is how things are going to be, I'm sure we'd appreciate being told about it, no matter how bitter it would be knowing that HotS is being cut once again.

We know a development team exists, that there're people working hard on the game and there's new content on its way, as I pointed out in my previous thread. But we also know some people have left the team lately. Maybe other people have joined -like that Classic Games senior producer, maybe-, who knows? Still, given the circumstances these last few months (or, years), you shouldn't be surprised a lot of people in here don't think that's a good signal. So, what we're worried about is the current state of said team and whatever is going on lately.

I know it may be exhausting having to give us some sense of security every few months. This is happening because of how Activision chose to demote Heroes of the Storm to a minor title at best, making a lot of people feel like its active development will be canned as soon as Kotick feels like the remaining devs are going to be more useful somewhere else, but severely aggravated by all the things that have been mentioned.

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I've already taken a couple breaks from the game lately because of the discouraging state of affairs. Some people would say "well, that's the right thing: if you enjoy the game play it. If you don't enjoy the game, don't play it. Either thing is better than spend time whining on reddit". That's partly true, but I think that the lack of perspectives can sour the game for many people that would enjoy it otherwise.

I know this post is a bit redundant because people have said this -asking for communication, I mean- kind of posts lately. But I think the devs should consider all the stuff that has happened -and the stuff that would have happened normally, but didn't- the last few months and, maybe, understand why some people are feeling pessimistic about HotS. And, maybe, do something about it. We're now living in Plato's cave and we want to be educated.


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