Heroes of the Storm

Solo QuickPlay experience is horrible

I always do Unranked and ranked solo or with one or two friends

And recently sometime i just queued up in some quikmatch, wanted to skip the draft, and wanted to play some hero i was feeling to play. And EVERY game i did was just an horrible experience. You mostly end with no support, or no tank. And queing vs some stupid combo. Tracer abathur, illidan abathur, mathael vs 0 bruiser or frontlane. Murky into alarak, li ming with lost viking in my team. Solo "tank" Artanis without any support people who afk in the midle on the game people not playing objectives… People insulting on chat, the game not even started. Everygame was painfull to play, it was just feeling a waste of time, i won maybe 50% of my QP and i enjoyed none of my win. I learn nothing during all these games. It was just the feeling to do a raid boss on Wow and just no one listen to no one. Sometime i was in fault and making mistake. I started to get very salty, and insult people for no reason. And for the first time since i started this game 5 years ago, I left the game. You queue up i left a game on purpose. Runin again into an Abathur Illidan with no premade whatsoever in my team. I just left. I know i didn't like doing it either, i deserve the report for that.

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I manage to reconnect (by chance) at the last moment. I took note of the illidan's name. And send him a message after the game. I didn't insult. I said that it was on horrible game on our side. And ask why do they do this on quikplay agasnt sometime people who just start the game. I didn't expect it but the guy was pretty polite. And just told me that, he don't play much and he don't like unrank because you play against people who have sometime strategy and combos. And to play illidan or some other heros, he can't really do it in unrank and he prefer to play combos in QP to win. I ended playing 2 game with them playing support. And i could see how it was just unfun. The 2 game i did. the ennemy team just afk spawn, around the 10 minute mark. I checked his profile, and he only do this with friend. Only QP with his abathur friend.

And this experience is what some player, just play against maybe everyday, what new players games maybe looks like. I find it really sad.

I don't think we can really do something about it because it's the purpose of Quick play

Do you guys play some QP and have same experiences as me ?

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