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Some Kerrigan Problems

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I am a new user here, so please be kind if I'm making silly mistakes.

I have hit masters in consecutive seasons playing other heroes, and have recent started practicing Kerrigan in QM. Although I only played her in QM, I have her at Lv. 46 with 62% win rate, so I believe I know enough of her to feel like listed the problems below would also exist in high-level plays. I wonder whether great Kerrigan players maneuver around them with no issue at all or those are problems that need some patches from Blizzard.

  1. It is really weird that when Primal Grasp pull enemies in very close range, their model collides with Kerrigan's and are being nudged to be behind Kerrigan. In that case, Impaling Blades would miss even if its is aimed directly under Kerrigan's foot, and would only hit if you turn around to case Blades and turn back around to case Grasp. I cannot think of another combo that requires the player to turn around multiple times against a stationary target. Alarak is close, but he has a lot of flexibility over where the enemy is displaced to and his Discord Strike can cover behind Alarak when used sideways.
  2. Another problem also emerges from the previous one. Normally, when an enemy toggles between stationary and stutter stepping, landing a combo is not that hard, because usually the radius of a well-placed Blades is enough to ignore whether or in which direction is enemy is stutter stepping. However, in point-blank range, if you place Blades behind you, a tiny bit of stutter step in any direction away from Kerrigan causes Blades to totally miss, because the "nudge" that pushes the enemy behind Kerrigan that you think would happen does not happen, and the enemies ends up in front of Kerrigan.
  3. Mana is still a problem in mid-game after 10 minutes into the game. Unless I go Assimilation Mastery, which is inferior to Furry of the Swarm in pretty much every way outside of mana regeneration and early laning phase, clearing lanes / doing camps will leave me around half mana before a team fight, and that is barely enough for two combos and a couple Ravages. If I take Boundless Fury and hops around and uses ultimate, I often do not have enough mana to cast a second combo. Seems very weird that half mana is not enough going into team fights mid-game, and an inferior talent at lv.1 is the only talent that helps alleviate mana problems for Kerrigan.
  4. Summon Ultralisk should really make Ultralisk unstoppable during the "rushing forward" phase that stuns the first enemy hero hit. The stun, at least to me, is way more important than the Ultralisk after the stun, and it just feels super cheap that the Ultralisk is knocked away or stopped by a lucky CC during the very very short distance it's supposed to travel when I cast it after a successful combo.
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