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Stated ranked, less than 30% win rate

Content of the article: "Stated ranked, less than 30% win rate"

Hello! First post in this community !:D

Me and my friend started to play ranked consistently. We used to do only few games to qualify and maybe a bit more. Generally we were always placed between gold 2 and gold 4. Now well, we just lose. Every single game. The only instance of games I'm able to win is the game were I'm able to pick one of my best heroes(usually zuljin) and I basically stack into oblivion and end top kills, hero dmg, exp and siege damage. Almost all the other times is a lost. This also happens when me and my pal play togheder. If one of us isn't the dmg dealer we simply lose because either they aren't pushing and always try to teamfight or they just die randomly in the most horrible ways.

I know I'm not that good, but really… I'm consistently one of the guys who die the least.

Is this possibly to do with the match making? Majority of the games are just losts. I think partly because of draft(since we are not that good in that department yet) but mostly really because most of the time we get at least 1-2 people who die like 10 times in 15 minutes, or just pass their time doing meaningless damage in a pointless constant teamfight. I try to always be informative, and tell people when they need to concede an objective, when to disengage and etc… but still half of the time people start to insult eachother, a quarter of the time I get ignored and the other one…well we kind of win because each of us do his job and there is no need to say anything.

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Now we are silver 2 and falling to silver 3.


Me and my buddy started to play ranked after … years of quickgames and drafts. We usually have around 55 to 70% with our best characters and we try always to be nice and do what is needed. In ranked (around 30 matches) we have less than 30% win rate.

What are your experiences when you first started to do ranked after years of quickgames?


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