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Stitches feedback

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I think Stitches fills a unique role as a tank with hook but it shouldn't be his only trick.
He currently sits at the lowest winrate of all tanks across all ranks in Storm League and the HP buffs he received didn't help at all because increasing his HP doesn't really solve his problems.

Stitches currently has two main problems as an immobile tank that lacks a gap closer. He doesn't really have an interrupt (he has hook..i know, read the rest) and not very strong peeling while his hook got nerfed to the point of not being as reliable as it once was (movement speed changes, range decrease and slimer hitboxes). I don't think he should rely only on hook so i'm not suggesting to change hook in any way. I'm just trying to point out that his only form of engage got nerfed directly and indirectly a lot and the rest of his kit didn't get enough buffs to compensate for that.

I think the way to fix him is by looking at his Slam. Currently his only interrupt for channeled abilities is locked behing 16 s CD on hook and interrupting with hook leaves him basically without any form of engage or save (in case of friendly hook) so Slam having a very brief stun (0.1 – 0.2 sec) while slowing also in the outer area to help the abysmal peel he has would help him a lot. This buff would grant him interrupt and also more peel and would make him an overall better tank.

I think this change doesn't break his main idea of a single target pick off tank while giving him more tools to function as a proper tank in a team composition. Thematically it also fits, Stitches is a really big guy with a really big cleaver and slams it to the ground. Enemies being stunned (even briefly) by Slam fits his theme. It actually makes more sense when it stuns rather than just slows tbh.

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Another thing i wanna point out is Fishing Hook, i understand that this talent was kept after the rework because it's "fun" but tbh it is very unfun to play against (and i'm saying this as a tank player who picks Fishing Hook every time i play Stitches) and while currently it gives Stitches a better engage tool with the suggested changes above i think this talent either needs to go or be moved to level 20 talent tier so Stitches won't become too opressive to play against. We've seen powerful talents removed from the game and come back as level 20 before (ex. Kael's Flamethrower) and i think Fishing hook fits the Storm talent spike a little bit more anyway.

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